Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pope Resigns! Why Would Such A Staunch traditionalist Buck The Trend?

The news-stream was awashed this morning when Joseph Ratzinger, the sitting leader of the Catholic Church as Pope Benedict XVI, announced, albeit in Latin, that he would be stepping down as Pope. The shock with this is that it is the first time in about 600 years when a Pope has ever stepped down. Of course, for people of my generation, his predecessor, Pope John Paul II was the only Pope we  knew until his death. It was only then we realized that Popes were mortals and can be replaced.

Enters Beendict XVI...

Of course, Mr Ratzinger was not a new comer to the highly secretive enclave of Papal authority and thus his selection was not a surprise for the many who watched closely as the cult of authoritarian Conclave had their voting and retained the power inhouse.

Mr Ratzinger was a successor who was in the making. With a career fraught with prejudice and extreme conservatism, many hopes were dashed when this man became the next Pope. It detained the Catholic Church in the extremely unfair system of feudalism and patriarchy, which prefers to protect itself and keep all powers within its claws regardless of what its subjects think or say (though the subjects has little or no say anyway).

That Benedict XVI decided to go is a shock, but that he decided that, just because of his age and mental capability, is rather unbelievable. For a man who has been at the centre of Catholic leadership for the past few decades including single-handedly managing and operating doctrines and canonical interpretations, it would not be a wild goose chase to think that he would rather stay to preserve the laws he has always protected even with human lives. In the process of his roles and responsibility, Mr Ratzinger's covered up and hid indescribable child abuses by priests and clergy across the Catholic Church - of course, you may argue that he didnt actually did that directly but he had the power to cause a different direction. That goes a long way to show how pride and prejudice was at the centre of this man's thinking to uphold the Church at all cost. It is unbelievable that such a man would want to step aside from the centre of power; absolutely unbelievable.

Perhaps, his resignation, would pave the way for the Catholic Church to move on; face its devils and discard the authoritarian system it preserves against against all odds in contrary to the teachings of their supposed Lord, Jesus Christ.

And for the world, it offers one less inconsiderate man who lacked the milk of human feelings; but like an ostrich, stuck his head in the sand while hundreds of lives were wrecked by pedophilia under his watch, while he preferred to 'preserve the dignity of the Church' against the truth.

Not only that, Mr Ratzinger's departure from the helm of affairs in the Catholic Church may also tone down the enormous amount of division and hate he has incited on women whom he think feeble and incapable of leadership as well as unworthy; and gay people whom he has no human regard for.

But the question at the heart of this surprise abdication is; what exactly made such a staunch traditionalist to buck the trend?  Its all too well to blame age and mental strength, but a man with such love of power and control, whose care and concern for preserving the order and tradition comes above every human need, is far from making a decision as this without a rather threatening cause at the centre of the mechanics.

One might not be far from the truth by suspecting that Mr Ratzinger must have been forced out owing to one or many of some secrets that we may never know.
  • Why did this resignation come at the heel of the leak of original and real documents by his butler who he later pardoned? 
  • Why has the documents not been completely published? 
  • What deal was/has been reached to stop those secrets from being exposed? 
  • Could the Pope's resignation be one of such truce?
  • Why has the Pope's health, age, and mental capability suddenly become an issue?
  • And what role is he going to play now after being the Pope?
  • And if he was not forced out, why didn't he say the answer to the previous question?
Because for a man that has been at the centre of power and holding it in his grip for the past 8 years, it beggars belief to accept that he would not stay on the sidelines after abdication and try to influence decisions.

The above questions are valid since they stem from real facts. For a man who has presided over an ocean of secrets and did his best to cover them up for the past three decades, it is perfectly easy that exposing his cover ups, is one price he is not ready to pay. But aside from death, he may not escape it.

From money laundering to well mechanized and sophisticated-ly guarded pedophilia, there is a lot for this man to answer for. His hate and disregard of fellow humans because of their gender and sexuality - issues that are not those people's making - and his love of rules, laws and tradition above human compassion, refusing to agree to simple truth such as abortion, HIV prevention, etc, his legacy from his years at the decision-making level and authority circle in the Catholic Church for the past 30 years is one of shame, denial and lack of compassion and understanding.

Like a Pharisee, he emphasized and cherished the strict interpretation and observance of the law as the hypocritically self-righteous person he is; preferring instead for young people to suffer abuse than expose and allow the offending adults to be investigated.

His departure is surely a benefit to the world regardless whether another insider from his groomed circle takes over.

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