Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Marriage Equality in England & Wales; At Last

Later today, UK Members of Parliament (MPs) will face the most testing decision of their lives in this century on a matter of fairness, justice, equality and also history. The decision many of these MPs will make today as they vote on opening marriage to all, will not only judge them in the future, it will also either make or mar them after today.

It will be history because this piece of legislation will in the future, compare to the abolishing of slavery, women suffrage, and most recently, the abolishing of the infamous Section 28 and the Civil Partnership legislations, to mention a few. With the benefit of hindsight, we all now can reflect and see how the above laws and legislation were far beyond importance but absolutely essential for a progressive society. These key pieces of laws judge and measure how we, in this each generation help to set humanity on the course of progress and justice.

Thumbs up to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron for standing up to the critics on this issue. Without any doubt, it is obvious that history will judge David Cameron kindly on this. And even in our own lifetime, we will look back and each want to be associated with this progress no matter where we stand today.

The Prime Minister should stand tall and remain strong no matter how many retrogrades attack him on this issue. Those MPs from his party who claim this act of fairness and progress will sect the Conservatives back are only flapping like fish out of water to save their shameful faces knowing that they are absolutely unpopular for wanting to drag mankind back into the age of feudalism, tyranny and oppression by caste.

In late 17th and early 18th centuries, the same type of people argued against abolishing slavery. Those people also argued against giving women the vote in 19th and early 20th centuries. in late 20th century, they voted in Section 28 and argued it cannot be removed. And just 7 years ago, the same shameless tyrants poked and harassed Tony Blair about Civil Partnership, prophesying many dooms which as it stands, none has shown an iota of truth in itself.

Today, as another step is taking in this country to move towards a fairer society. MPs will vote with their conscience, it would up to them to show if they have learnt from history or are still trapped in the feeling of doling out authority and being able to dictate the natural life of others.

The decisions many MPs make today, Tuesday 5th February 2013 will return to hunt them not more than 5 years from now. In fact, come 2015 at the general election, many of MPs will have to explain to mostly  young voters, what they did today; if they stood on the side of freedom and equality or if they preferred to preserve their place of privilledge by upholding a class system in something like marriage which is personal, unharmful and above all, is about love and consent.

Today is the day, many such opposing MPs will look back almost as soon as they have made the mistake, and wish they had voted for progress; freedom, fairness and equality.

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