Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Isn't Segregation [and discrimination] inbred in humans?

Earlier today, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) released the sscond batch of data from the 2011 census. This batch focused more on the differences within our society; from how our colours differ to who and where we were born to. It details our differences in religions, faith, health, working age and all other significant differences there could be. Simply put, it just hacked us into pieces as a people, and into parts as a nation.

Although there is nothing wrong with the above because as a public health worker, I strongly believe in the power of numbers and understanding of data for a safe and robustly supported healthy society. Aside from that, well-research data and when accurate, helps any society plan robustly and ahead for the rainy days. In this case, it is not usually about the make of the data, but about the use of the numbers. However...,

But on other hand, there is always a negative side to it. Whilst the ONS meant well in releasing the data, the make up has been harped on by various nationalists and those who want to plant hatred, enmity and instigate discrimination within the fragile society. The beautiful diversity in the society is now seized by this ill-meaning people as a tool to draw divisions; the usual divide-and-rule tactics.

In the Evening Standard edition of the day, it screamed; "Census reveals white Britons as minority in capital for the fist time"! - sensational. But are they really? Perhaps, migrants thats a wake-up call for 'white Britons' to go up in arms and reclaim the[ir] 'capital'. How that can happen without violence, bullying, offence, hate and destruction, is beyond understanding.

It thrills me to await what the Daily Mail will come up with, if not on the front pages. Following that would be the nationalists parties like BNP and UKIP both who could have, by the time it seizes the opportunity, been outdone by the press and the likes of LBC radio station. What none of these people can will cite is that the best and most recent glory of Briton, hosting and presenting an amazing summer sports during the Olympics and Paralympis, was achieved by a diverse Britain, as competitors, organizers and game-makers.

Continuously, and from the time anyone can go back to, what has continued to make this small island rank among the greatest of nations remained the beauty of its diversity in every era. From the arrivals of the Saxons to the modern immigration of Blacks, Asians and who else you can think of, the history of this small island would not be written without the impact and greatness given it by immigrants.

Likewise, a good number of brands that uphold the mark of Britain across the world, are definitely the products of its immigrants. But then, these selfish instigators shouldnt be allowed to use what makes us great to make us little.

Highlighting or hyping human difference is something we learn and like to harp on in all spheres of life. In fact, if the British Isle is left for only 'white Britons', there is no guarantee that these people who want to create divisions would not instigate or harp on the same matter. While we discuss this invasion of Britain by some aliens, it worth noting that some in Scotland want away because it is different from the English... Yet, the said 'English' that these Scots think are one, aren't quite. The Geordie, Cornwall, etc all think they are not the same.

So at what point and where and when would the division of human difference end? If we dont divide us by colour, we go by race, religion, social class, ability, gene (caste), even to the downright insignificant factors as the help we receive in time of troubles (social welfare). Where; does the segregation end?

In Belgium, the deepest separation is not between colours, neither is it in India. Back to the UK nonetheless, the ugliest and seemingly endless rancour is between race in the Irish scupper of hundreds of years going. And let us not forget the Europe division; yes, It is Europe and Britian; to stay or not to stay.

This article may not be welcomed, but the analysis tried to focus on the balance and the middle ground in the issue. If we like and want to trade and make profit in a 'global village', we must be ready as well, to accept and live in a global country with its visible diversity.

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