Thursday, December 06, 2012

Doesnt Christmas Really Make Some Christians Evil?

"Christmas is the celebration of every family and marriage morals that Christianity claims to stand for today."

I am sure you might have snarled at the title... Or worse still, branded it some nasty name, if not wave it off entirely. But please read this before any such hasty conclusion. After all, Christmas is supposedly the celebration of my [own] role model; Jesus.

Jesus was born out of wedlock;
Fact! Mary [the supposed virgin] was
'betrothed' to  be married to Joseph (Matthew 1:18; Luke 1:27). According to these two passages in the Bible and many other references, it simply means this young woman - virgin or not - was not married when she became pregnant. This, by today's Christian standard, remain unwelcomed. In fact, the shit is, the child is regarded as a bastard.

Put mildly, you all are worshiping and revering a bastard boy with no father. If you are a Christian and still think less of children born outside wedlock or talk ill of their mother, yet participate in and celebrate Christmas, you are burdening your own soul with judgement and DEFINITELY, your place is in the lake that burn with sulphur and brimstone. ahem!

Jesus was adopted by Joseph;
While many conservative Christians today continue to hold on to their 'traditional belief' that couples must make their own children and even quote Psalm 127: 3; they are also condemning themselves to hell for eternity. Perhaps, you should think again! Joseph, for whom Jesus was counted into the lineage of King David, is not Jesus' father by any means... at least that's what we are supposed to believe.

Again, being kind to you, I want to remind and draw you to the path of righteousness, that adoption is wholly fabulous and necessary for a happy growing child. Joseph calmly adopted the boy Jesus, brought him up and taught him a trade. So even the lord was adopted.

Marriage isnt necessary for a child to be born;
Although I have explained this above in a different way, I simply want to put it clear and direct that if God ever thought marriage is necessary, there isn't no reason why God would allow his 'own son' to be born outside o it. But he did anyway.

This heaps blame on those Christians who go about taunting others for marriage. And to many of you out there who tell lies and claim that marriage is necessary for the Church, you deceive and lead people astray; fact!

If you believe in Christmas, would you today accept a young girl who turns up at your church pregnant with no clue who the man responsible for her baby bump is? Even if she insists it is by the power of the Holy Spirit? I bet you definitely wont.

So if the above isnt possibly for you to do or accept, you are cheating God; denying Jesus and over-riding the Holy Spirit. And the simply truth is, you are not suppose to be celebrating Christmas.

Christmas isn't [just] about celebrating Christ, it is about showing kindness, genuine love, not judging others, believing in and expounding respect and understanding change.For by doing these, it exonerates Christ. Christmas is about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

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