Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Church, The Inequality And The Downtrodden Christ

So today The Church of England fell back from the top of the mountain crashing rather painfully into oblivion and a pitch-dark valley where it would fear the shadow of death and the Lord may not be its Shephard

Refusing that women should share equal place in the body of Christ does nothing but ridicule the mission and message of Jesus Christ itself. It showcases the power of the human self, the ego it basks in and the second place the supposed-God these institutions claim to worship now has.

Jesus in his ministry, although did not take a woman amongst his first 12 disciples, did however took many significant steps to buttress the inclusiveness, importance and the chief-role and place of women in taking forward his ministry.

For a man (Jesus) who did not call women - as these inferiority-complexed sexists argue - it is amazing that it was to a woman he revealed the resurrected-self first to and even sent the message through, too. Yet, if I understand well, Christ's resurrection was the actual beginning and the foundation of his ministry. For if he did not rise, there would have been no Christianity anyway. Simply put, Christianity is the message given to a woman; "go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God". (John 20:17; Matthew 28:10). so it was to a woman that the very message, the core cornerstone which should be the mission, was given.

Going by the above, women should naturally and rightly lead the Church; but no, patriarchal bullying takes over [and denies them what was handed directly to them]. 

But this is not about who owns what, it's more about the sharing and humble spirit that should be the ethos of Christianity summed up again by the
Christ when he said; "to treat others the way you wish them to treat you" (Matthew 7:12). Where is this spirit in the Church of England.

Deborah, Esther, Elizabeth, Anna, were all women handed the a message in times when 'the Men' could not think a woman can be spoken to by God or that a woman can lead let alone lead into redemption.

I fear that a religion which is supposed to be standing on a foundation of equal treatment, continues to champion segregation and oppression. But am I surprised? 

From slave trade, to colonialism, to modern day child abuse, demonisation of gay and lesbian people and an ever-lasting downgrading of women, class remains a damning shame of the Church.

Little wonder the Anglican church especially, the Church of England can barely stand up to the extremely oppressive African Churches. How can they if their act here in England is the door to the parlour of discrimination? It is not about age and time and generation, it is about doing the right thing; correcting and acknowledging long-living errors that we have recognize. Using the Bible lop-sidedly and denying the truth about respect for one another, sharing and equality is a barbaric and shameful thing. If the Church would have two classes of humans; the privilledged men and the un-deserving women, what would evil oppressors do?

But if their Christ returns today, would he, like God in the days of Sodom & Gomorrah, find a good number enough not to destroy them? I fear he may not.

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