Saturday, August 11, 2012

Why UK Olympic Legacy May Not Succeed

Over the past two weeks, the UK Olympic 'fever' has reached a world record peak, with every politicians that finds him/herself in front of a microphone twitting and chirping freely about sports legacy as if there is something their words would turn into magic wands. The truth is; it will not.

The problem with everything that doesnt work in Britain or that are going down the rail is that too much gibberish and political correctness is put in the front of the pack. Accompanying that is the narrow tunnel vision that these issues are channeled through thereby missing the actual points. And in so doing, plans and policies turn out to become almost the [new] problem than solving the original issue.
But alongside the above, is that, in the narrow approach, a lot of other important factors that are necessary to carry the expectation/s through are entirely forgotten and thus no plans are made to fit them in.

Right up to June, the media was awash with issues about obessity and the solution was focused on food and healthy eating. Rarely did any politician remembered that exercise (or sports as is the preferred language now) is part of that issue. But check the shift in discussion now; it is almost as if, sports is the only solution to a healthy, even successful and achieving population. But no, Sports is one of the solutions, my people.

undoubtedly, if we can manage to combine these things together, we would genuinely pass the right and robust message and successfully achieve the goal.

To get our population fit, healthy & achieving, sports, with a balanced, healthy diet, investment in amenities, tuition in confidence, support in motivation and ability and an equal-playing field, amongst other robust attitudinal shift are what we need.

It would be an inevitable failure if we go on digging our heads into the sand by focusing on one thing at a time. Everybody in this country has a potential to be a good ambassador for this country and can make Britain proud. But we need the right kind of support; the right kind of education, the right kind of inspiration and above all, the right kind of politics.

  • For, if you do sports - mind you, the sports legacy we are hoping everyone will buy into isnt competitve sports - and eat rubbish, you would be going round a cycle of losing weight and putting it back on.

  • If you do sports and have no right aminities, you would probably not get better at it.

  • If you do sports and have not confidence, you cannot enter a competition let alone win it.

What Britain need is to learn how to use support and the investment it makes; i.e. using the State welfare benefits as an investment in people rather than as handouts to people.

What Britain need, is a behaviour change in so many aspects of its population's lives; including lip-service politics as well as State-dependent attitude of millions of individuals. And before you go on to say, over a million people permanently on one type of benefit or other is concerning.

Conclusion; the reason this expected legacy will not survive, let alone succeed would be an over-size focus on one thing and utter disregard of many other necessary factors.

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