Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The South African Miners Shooting; Is Colour To Blame This Time?

For those who went through and suffered terrible oppression during the apartheid days in South Africa, this opinion might be infuriating; even insulting. But for the fight they put up, I hope such people can agree that questioning things are a necessary part of progressive freedom. And so, this is not set out to offend or ignore the struggle those ones, the likes of great 'Madiba' Nelson Mandela and his comrades put up bravely; never.

However, the events of the last 2 weeks in South Africa at the Mine where 34 workers were shot dead in cold-blood raises a question; is oppression and discrimination as simple a cause of colour or is it a complexity of the toxic consequences of power?

Without the nitty-gritty knowledge of the apartheid, but based on what is largely propagated and the blame of colour - Whites against Blacks - one wonders why that now, majority Black police would open fire and kill majority - if not all - Black miners without a flinch. Who and what do we blame for this same oppression which every apartheid-knowledgeable person has likened to the clamping down and shooting of the apartheid era? Who and what should we blame?

A few months ago, I asked on this blog, if the blame on White folks for slavery is really balanced considering that it was Black folks who sold and made money out of their own kinsmen. How long would the Black [community] blame the White [community] for their woes? Or are we ignoring the elephant in the room and casting blames and accusation irresponsibly?

My thoughts may not align with the Specialist Black propagandists who abound but then, my thought isnt without reason or cause. With keen and very neutral observation, it is almost holier-than-thou that the Black race continue to blame the White race for all their problem. Dont get me wrong, the White folks have done some shits, but we do need to accept our own part of the evil or we can never correct it.

Now more than 50 years after colonialism [in most Black countries], it continues to baffle me that our nations are still in abject poverty; but not only that, they completely lack the rule of law and are riddled with mismanagement, unaccountability, show of power and greedy acquisition of public wealth.

Regardless of the above vividly shameful lack of leadership, conspiracy theorists like Robert Mugabe would invoke imperialism to hide their wicked and greedy actions while they continue to milk their own nation. Only this year, we saw a Nigerian State former Governor, James Ibori, plead guilty for carting away monies meant for the State he presided over while simple things as ordinary first aid clinics were barely available in the State. Many more examples abound.

May be, its time to look to the root of the problem. Colour difference or class difference are not usually the cause, but power. By this, it means that whoever is power drunk, including your own very kinsman, can turn against you and destroy you where and when s/he can. Yes, because in the poverty-ridden, mismanaged, unaccountable and excessively corrupt governments in Africa, it is our own kinsmen and fellow Black people that are incharge... Yet in comparison, most of our earlier leaders like the first President of Nigeria, Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik) got even his university education for free during the colonial era.

Is it time to think afresh?

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