Monday, August 13, 2012

So Does Immigrants & Asylum Seekers Now Have A Place In British Society?

Mo Farah
Over the past 2 weeks, the euphoria in London and across the UK for the Olympic games has known no bound. It has been just amazing and wonderfully felt different and refreshing. In fact the change was so glaring that for the same period of time, the very thing that divided us held us tightly together. Nothing short of miracle.

On the night of the Opening Ceremony, Conservative MP Aidan Burley, caused a bit of unease when he labelled a spectacular celebration of Britishness as Multicultural crap. Even the proponents of a Caucasian-only Britain would have none of that. Mr Burley was to apologize as being misunderstood. Well, the Prime Minister and London Mayor both fall into that group of idiots who lacked understanding of Mr Burley's self-righteous comments. But  we all accepted and moved.
What however we decided to ignore and swiftly swept it under the carpet because it is better that way. With the Olympic games underway, there was then too much moments of joy to help us trample on that carpet and forget our shame. 

But the truth is, Mr Burley's comments is undeniably the truth of what so many in this isle thinks about anybody who is born outside of the UK and now lives here. These sect of anti-immigration people has no faith in immigrants and religiously believe that immigrants are in Britain to rip it apart, share the loot and bugger off somewhere else. For this belief, they see no good coming out of any immigrant. And in so doing, they come out with most notorious hostility towards anything that tends to showcase how amazing and gainful immigrants can be and has been to this country in its long history.

And the joy that took our eyes away from the issue, was so surprisingly contributed to by so many such immigrants or their descendants.Without going through the list, a once little boy from  war-ridden Somalia earned Britain 2 Gold medals. Yes, Mo Farah, earned 2 of the 29 gold medals that put Great Britain 3rd on the medal table. And we saw more such performances put up by others who fall under the 'unwanted' category.

Considering how Asylum and immigration are seen today in Britain, thanks to the demonizing by the likes of Daily Mail, it is almost inconceivable that Mo Farah and other such immigrants and asylum seekers or their descendants could have bring this country such honour and pride. A pride that helps this country keep its head high in the face of counterparts like the USA. What a wonder?

But for this blog, there is no white or black. TeamGB, the official representatives of Great Britain in the Olympic was simply, people of honour, passion, unity and diversity. Yet pointing out this little concern is significant for the discourse going forward. That Britain and its people, whether they be Immigrants or even Asylum Seekers, born citizens, or settlers, are bound by one thing; the love of great Island. 

Those of us who move here come because; it is a place of success, of freedom, of team work, of peace. And as such, we enter this land, adopting it and dedicating our lives to it; ready to do everything and anything to see it be great and come out at the top even higher than wherever we have bid goodbye to. 

From volunteering in as common place as with charities, to winning gold medals. From very life-sacrificing duty like going to defend the safety of this country in wars, to service-dedication like making a difference in the communities through politics, contributing in the NHS and other such selfless contribution; we come because we believe in this country. We seek safety here because we feel we can find it and if we do, we turn that safety to success.

Nevertheless, it would be unwise to write this without mentioning that the majority of people in this country are sensible enough to understand that migration is a part of life. In fact most do a lot to help immigrants and Asylum seekers. They set up and work/volunteer in charities, stand up for immigrants, contribute to help Asylum seekers and many other immeasurable contributions. But some part of the media and politicians see sensationalizing and politicizing the issue as a rapid access to votes and readership.

So people of this Isle, join together like in the past 2 weeks and support all with respect and know that most people who has come to live here, come with clean hands. And the tiny few that comes with trouble and disregard will surely be found out.

Asylum seekers and immigrants are humans, and like every other human, they deserve respect and with the right kind of nurture, can add a lot to the greatness that keep this place the Great Britain.


Roger Poladopoulos said...

Excellent argument, my brother, and so true. The glory and strength of a nation is based on the dedication of its' peoples, whether native-born or not. By the way, the problem is much worse here in the USA. After a bitter Civil War fought 150 years ago, there are still many in this country who think it should always be white only. Belated Happy Birthday to you! Did you get my email?

Faisy Faisy said...

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