Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Could The Sun Be The Hell Religion Talks About?

After scientists sent the Curiousity Rover into Mars, I have wondered and tried to reflect on religions' assumptions and prediction that there is a hell... and of course a heaven. Could it be true that these exists but only because we lack knowledge of our 'before'?

Considering that none of the religion that claim there is life after death - either in hell or heaven - can tell of [their] life before birth, could Mars be where we are all coming from? Based on the fact that scientists are breaking through in visiting this bleak, out-of-reach place and considering that the other planets farther away from Mars are either inaccessible or disappearing, could the Buddhists' theory of the Eight-Dimension be the reality we - both science and religion - are seeking?

To shed a little more light, it seems to me that the Eight-Dimension represents the [though] 9 planets minus the one that is always disappearing or is uncomfirm-able. However, the sun is the terminus... as we transmute from Dimension to Dimension.

Anyway, that apart, so it seems to be that as we pass and progress to a new Dimension (planet), currently earth, the one before it gradually fades and becomes obsolete. This is the reason NASA could find a trace of archeological remains in Mars, the one immediately before. In fact, they could find more.

If the above is true, then religion is right regarding 'Hell', - although I wonder about heaven now. It means as we progress further, our next planet (Dimension) is Venus, then Mercury... and yes, following that, is the Sun, which in primitive science (religion) is/could be referred to as 'Hell'.

This also could justify the theory of rapture as espoused in the 'Holy' books. So when this Dimension (planet earth) is done with us, it would, possibly via magnetic chemical-property disintegration, break the force of gravity, thereby allowing things, including humans, to spring up into the air. Since the force of gravity will no more exists at this time, we may be able to spring fast and unpreventable enough out into Space. But then, could be attracted by the magnetic field of Venus which could be the nearest planet (Dimension) with existing magnetic force. Thus the beginning of a new life there. This is possibly only if Mars is almost lifeless because of the loss of force of gravity which possibly resulted in us being here where we have lived in for millions (or billions) of years.

But if newer planets appears often as suspected, then life is an endless cycle between the planets. Actually, that would confirm that we are not worth better than plants and thus have no life after this one as individuals.

The above unconfirmed theory points to something that can be ignored; i.e. hell, heaven, ecclesiasticals and all those unverified religious theories which as this points out, is primitive science.

Thus if hell would come, its still some billion years ahead and will not be as a result of sin but as a result of Dimensional transmutation

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