Monday, July 02, 2012

England's Football Glory...

When was the last time England won any trophy in football?

England is known to have invented the modern game of football, but also, as archaic as that now seems, it is said that England also is home to the greatest league in the world, the Premier League. Boasting of the finest-ever players, insurmountable wealth, expensive salaries for players that are beyond comprehension and even the largest followership across the globe; the Premier League is watched even in the remotest villages of the world wherever there is a television. Its players' names are on t-shirts of all manners both authorized and not.

And the home of that league is England.

Considering that then, you'd be forgiven to think that England would be a threat to other teams teams in the world and that it would be carting back trophies; but sorry, you might have thought I am lying to you. England does not.

Yet, when you hear of hurdle being put on the people that make the Premier League great, you'd wonder where the UK has its focus on. For football, the UK directly or indirectly possibly earns more from the game than any other owing to the Premier League. But the components of the Premier League is mostly foreign talents handpicked from across the world. It is their artistry in football and awesome talents that makes the Premier League what it is, which England, its host is not; a success.

Take the just concluded Euro 2012 tournament for example. The main pillars of the Premier League were among the winners in all. The England team is also made up of such, but it is now clearly obvious that the residue of the Premier League, who are the home-grown, citizens of the UK are just substitutes when it comes to what makes that League great.

So once you remove the entire foreign players from England and bring out what is left of the Premier League, it seems all you have got left are just names who, on their own, perform woefully each time as we saw in their recent outing to the Euro 2012 tournament.

So for those who boasts that the Premier League can do without the diversity it has, you may want to think again. The most successful and greatest projects of man has always had diversity in it. Simply put, it is because there is no one location for the best; but you can always handpicked them from wherever they are, to form the best.

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