Sunday, July 15, 2012

African Union And Democracy in Mali

Mali is, as Africa goes, the typical iconoclastic model of an African country. Hunger and ill-health ravages the country, famine and lack of infrastructure deconstructs whatever is left or ever done both by nature and the hands of man. And worse still, Islamic fanatics have been destroying Timbuktu recently,

As if the above is not enough, the leadership in the Mali is now in tatters and at loggerheads with each other. Again, this is an aspect of being an African country; instability in governance and the disregard of fair and organized governance. The corrupt self-focused Military and their competing, also equally corrupt civilians are arguing who should look after the pots.

As the squabbling rages on in Mali, the puppet continental, supposedly-civil organization, the African Union has now tried to wage in to solve the problem. The last time African Union (AU) tried to solve a political problem [in Cote d'ivoire], it barely achieved anything if not for France stepping in and removing the then president.

But why does African Union fail and why are its orders not taken serious? The answer isnt far from our sight.

The African Union is made up of States and leaders who themselves have manipulated democracy. The African Union is also ignorant and has not proved to stand for the the Rights of citizens of Africa. In essence, the African Union is a group of corrupt rulers who are specialists in election rigging and who all have the best knowledge on how to enrich themselves with State wealth.

More significantly, the African Union does not support the rights or respect and recognition of oppressed minority or has it ever upheld her own declarations for equality.

So what right, reputation, or integrity does the African Union has towards achieving what it is going for in Mali. The AU lacks all moral integrity to even dare to think it can... It failed in Libya, Eqypt, Sudan, Cote d'ivoire, etc. I am doubtful it'd succeed in Mali.

And the reason AU fells is that it is in itself, a conglomerate of corrupt leaders most of whom are in power via election rigging, harassing opposition, clamping down on activists, etc. AU need to cure itself first then it can stand firmly on its leg and issue respectable orders than can be listened to let alone followed.

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