Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Tax, The Morals & The Welfare

Rowan Williams should bow his head in shaame
So we are dazzled by the pontification by David Cameron over Jimmy Carr's tax affairs as if its the first time Mr. Cameron has ever heard of such thing. And if truth be told, Mr. Cameron is highly probably to be in the know of how such tax system work, may know those who run them and even more than likely, know many people, including close friends and allies who use them.

And what more? Mr. Cameron might probably not claim ignorance of such and if matter be thoroughly looked, may even be found complicit in certain ways; either by knowledge or otherwise. Well, if nothing moves towards answering the above statement, you may then try to explain why he pulled away from talking of Gary Barlow, vice versa.

But anyway, then enters the amazingly, ever-lukewarm Archbishop of Canterbury, Mr Rowan Williams. He quite rightly accused the Prime Minister of "aspirational waffle" on Mr. Cameron's Big Society. The Big Society was always a white elephant project and from its beginning, appeared like the repeat of the Euro-Fiscal project. Both had no definable objective, no roadmap and obviously no real ownership. When a project boasts of these virtues, it is bound to be a problem child.

What rather baffles me in Mr. Williams judgement is that it reflects his own decade-long tenure as the Archbishop of Canterbury, by default, the figure-head leader of the World Anglican Church. Dont get me wrong, he surely has no unlimited power in deciding the path for the Anglican Church, but surely, he has the influence to direct it. He said of Mr. Cameron's Big Society:
"Big society rhetoric is all too often heard by many therefore as aspirational waffle designed to conceal a deeply damaging withdrawal of the state from its responsibilities to the most vulnerable."
Really? So Mr Williams knows a thing about "the most vulnerable"? And yet he sat over oppression and inequality in his own Church segregating against women [into priesthood] and gay people [into marriage] while treading softly-softly without ever being as outspoken? What a shameless man Rowan Williams is.

Under his own leadership, even the Church of England maintained a "deeply damaging withdrawal of the Church from its responsibilities to the most vulnerable"; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans (LGBT) people in its membership. But Rowan Williams' wake-up is late and it seems he is heading into penance to redeem his own shameless soul.

And the above two issues surely paints the picture of the problem with the welfare State. Which problem is; different government comes in and do too much to one side based on their ideology thereby recreating and fluffing up the problem.

Welfare, like immigration and taxation are all poisoned chalice. To get them into fair, practically working policies, a government would be prepared to face and make the unpopular decisions without habouring partisan politics, favour for funders, donors and financial shot-callers.

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