Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Did Arab Spring Fail To Spring Up?

Gaddafi and Blair when it was all good.
Just a little over a year ago, the uprisings in many Arab nations got dubbed the Arab Spring and subtly praised and cheered from across the globe as the arrival of the messiahs. With a sharp peak, it knocked off Ben Ali of Tunisia, Mubarak of Egypt and the summit and saturation was when the ill-fated, stubborn Colonel Gaddaffi was mercilessly murdered.

However, the pattern that set out in the February and March of 2011, was to become still-born. Looking back, the amount of change it brought is atomical to the amount of chaos it caused. Perhaps, if the people's uprising was focused on democracy, it might have gone differently and more progressively. But it surely hasn't.

In Egypt, as far as the eye can see and relying on the propaganda machines of the press, it appears that country is now between the devil and the deep blue sea; terrifying. In fact, it is in the same Egypt, that in January 2012, crowd of protesters came out and harrassed Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans (LGBT) people from expressing their own freedom. Those who fought for freedom denied others freedom.

In Tunisia, a mockery-democracy took hold, whatever has become of it today, it is definitely not what we envisaged and wished for them in their struggle. As Tunisians went to the polls last October, this blog chronicled the scanty change of power in Tunisia since its republicanism and how that mimicked the 'Arab Spring'. The question then posed was "Will the new trench of revolution 'leaders' pull away the carpet of freedom and equality from under their [people's] feet as previous freedom leaders had sone and return them to tyranny again?"

In Bahrain, the Arab Spring has failed to make any impact and in Syria, it seems to have stalled, dragging along too long, lost the freedom fighting nature and have turned into a full-fledged civil war.

How is Libya doing? How and is she really rebuilding? How is inclusion and participation evolved or progressed? I doubt there has been significant change apart of executing Sadam without trial.

Whatever happens, it is clear that the storm that came with the Arab Spring, died down faster than a torrent in a cup of tea. And if you want to understand what caused that, it is very simply.

It is as a result of the West's interference through subtle engineering, using its own media and logistics which knocked off the real local approach. However, the cultural context that is the real background of this awfully un-ending rulerships in most of the countries were knocked off the scene while the West, through their media hijacked the people's attempt thereby ending it all in the charade under the aegis of Human Rights. But Human Rights is nothing without Responsibility and engagement.

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