Friday, June 15, 2012

Google Confirms That Google+ Lacks Intuitiveness!

Google diagram
This is Google way of explaining its downhill new service, Google+. Apparently, this supposedly diagram (or what in computer field would pass for a flow-chart) is meant to help you understand Google+ more; good luck.

For some reason, I have never been able to find exactly what makes Google+ unique. Apart from renaming things, nothing really stands out. Of course, you can do almost everything (if not all) that Google+ has on Facebook. But thats not the discussion for now.

Instead, there are two pointsof concern here;
  1. If Google+ need a diagram to help users understand it, then it's is DEFINITELY not good enough, thus, it is not working.
  2. If an I.T./Tech company (and Google for that matter) is producing such a complex, busy, over-packed and purely tarty diagram, I fear, it generally need to go back to the drawing board.
The last time I saw a diagram that looked like the above was in my first year starting to do programming. Something like this used to come up and we were asked to sort it out into a clean, well laid-out, proper Flowchart.

Dont get me wrong, diagrams can be used but for a tech org, the above is an eye-sore. What makes a good social network, is its intuitiveness that users are able to do 95% of whatever it offers with little or no training. A lot of over 50s are using Facebook without even having used email.

Com'on Google; you can do better.

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