Monday, June 25, 2012

Anti-Gay Marriage Couple Alleges Bullying - PinkNews

Read the main story here. what I have written below is my comment on the story and thus you may not get the clear picture without reading the chronology...

I wish they weren't just crying crocodile tears. Their action makes me and others like me cry, fear, worry, stress and even get depressed about what our future hold if we are denied to share our love with the one we love in a legally recognized committed relationship. Their action makes us cry and weep, denies us rights, denies our partners rights, and belittles us from being the same equal even after we have done all and been equally, if not more supportive to our partners; but their action says they get treated better by a society and system we should own equally. As I began, I wish and hope they get to cry for real. I wish they experience a heart-rending event such as the one they wish us so they can cry blood for tears.

They need to encounter the very evil they invented so to understand how it feels. Arrant fools!

I have only reposted this comment here just in case PinkNews removes it from there site. This is because I am ready to be questioned for what I said should it be considered bullying too.

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