Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Africa's Youngest State, South Sudan Joins Traditional Corruption! Shame

Image taken from AlertNet
Oh! there you go.

I weep again
and my tears have run out...
for Africa, the over-plundered land.
Plundered by its own sons & daughters
who are supposed to safeguard her;

betrayed by the very people
who should comfort and assure her.

your future draws the sinews
of fear out of my very tissues,
my veins throb at the very feeling
that you go through.

Even your very bossom
Is scraped and scratched
with no mercy or care
and your own care less nor want to

Your infants bit your tits
and chew on the very breast that feeds them
With reckless abandon,
they pull at your hair and rip your skins

Now South Sudan your very infant
In whom you would have taken solace and comfort
to rebuild your hope for tomorrow
to console yourself that all is not lost
Even that child of your old age is now tugging and tilling
peeling your skin and hacking off your teeth

Africa! Africa!! Africa!!!
Where is your hope?
Where is the joy one reaps from offsprings, for you?
How long more and when shall it change?

I cry! I weep!!. I wail!!!
I mourn you before your death
though you may not die
but what life is there for you?
If yours' has no faith in you no longer?
Where is the promise?
If your own are fleeing in desolation
Of their siblings' deplorable actions?

And they blame God
Or shift responsibilities it to God
their pastors and Imams sounding like empty drums
with leaders who has no conscience
They fast and pray and do nothing
God will save you, Africa,
they deceive you and themselves

But God is ignoring you and them
God has given up for it is not God's job
for God, or heaven surely helps those
who help themselves.

Would your infant, South Sudan hear now
And stop biting grinding its teeth on your tits
But nurture what is left of you
By repentance unto truth
Work, honesty, focus, discipline and accountability
that it might save what is left of you?

If you sink as it now seems inevitable,
I hope you drag them with you
That plundered and squandered you
And only then may you rest in peace

May be, there is still hope for you
and may be, just may be,
you would rise again to shine,

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