Friday, May 25, 2012

[UK] Heat Survival Strategies

There's no doubt the heat in the UK this week is worth a current affairs discussion. Of course, if it's affecting the NHS and the health of people, the question should be how to minimize that unwelcome effect.

As someone who suffers one of the mildest reaction to the heat (solar urticaria), and having worked in public health encouraging prevention and minimal use of healthcare, I have also developed a few tactics on reducing my suffering while being able to go about my day business. So here are my approaches and feel free to add to it if you have [a] different idea/s. Note: some of the points may not apply to you.
1. Avoid the sun [altogether] if you can
Yes, you heard me right. Avoid going into the blaze except on absolute priority. If you can move meetings, work from home, shop online, etc; do these and stay indoors away from the sun. This applies to those with skin reactions and not all.

2. Have your liquid & suncream handy
This is essential; whether or not you have a reaction or not. Drinking lots of liquid will prevent dehydration and keep you refreshed. The suncream will protect your skin from burns if you were to have to go out for a long time into the sun.

3. Dont sit on the upper deck of buses
Truly. The upper deck cooks quickly and by lunchtime, it is equivalent to an industrial bread oven. The lower deck remain cold and if you can, just sit on the opposite side of the sun's location at the given time.

4. Underground lines you can trust
The following lines have aircondition and are relatively cool...
London overground
[add more somebody]

5. Wear lighter clothes
During the heat, its more likely to be windy; a light clothe will ensure you get some air. But also, it helps the skin-pores to respirate properly without being blocked.

6. Have a shower!
This is an order. Sorry, not that I dont think you do. However, in the heat, the water you can put on the skin, the fresher it can stay. This also help achieve the business with the skin-pores...

7. Keep smiling...
Well, this is rather cheeky if you're suffering. But then, happiness helps solve a lot of problems. So, like the musician .... sang, "dont worry; be happy".

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