Monday, April 09, 2012

UK - NASUWT May Go On Strike; Effect On Childcare Not Education!

NASUWT, a teachers' union in the UK is threatening strike action in the autumn. In line with freedom of expression, it is right and good for them to express their grievance with the government in the way that seems right if that be through industrial action. But considering the quality of the majority of school kids you find out there in UK, one is tempted to say to the teachers that they can go on strike as much they want...

Some of these kids has no manners let alone knowledge - well, you need knowledge to remember manners; so one is not surprised. In fact, the short and simple of it is that those students seems to already be facing strikes subtly. So this proposed strike may not worry kids much.

Of course, from general observation, during the last strike in January, majority of people spoken to by news agencies seems to worry more about childcare rather than the lesson kids will miss. That in itself shows that most parents regard and only mostly gain childcare from school instead of education. The same would be the case when and if this strike happens.

There is a fundamental problem with the education system; its only painful that most prefer not to see it and advocate for easy-peasy education. But most take pride in the likes of Shakespeare, and many historical intellectual British people of the past. Is there a future for such pride ahead with the quality of the doused education kids are getting now?

The only concern is that the government of the day is approaching a reformation in a bad way. Regardless of the failures, the teachers need to be carried along while more is demanded from them and introduced gradually. They wear the shoes and know where it pinches most. Ignoring or imposing on them as the current Michael Gove, Secretary of State for education wants to, will only lead to more and more defragmentation and disjuncture of the already-poor education.

A check on the NASUWT website (today 9th April, 2012 00:40) reveals an tiny but very significant flaw: It lacks the full meaning of the[ir] acronym expressed even on its 'About' page. And if it has decided to drop the full meaning altogether, an explanation in that aspect should also be there because when anyone hears NASUWT, they are bound to want to find a meaning. But you can only blame poor education for this flaw.

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