Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Open Letter To Market Research Company MyVoice On LGBT Equality

To Whom It May Concern; 

I registered to contribute to your [market] researches but disappointed that you seem not to recognize Civil Partnership. An example is the link below (a research I was sent to fill out) which asks for the following...

  • Single
  • Married / Living as married
  • Widowed
  • Divorced / Separate
I find this ignorant and disrespectful of the equality [legislation] that this country (UK) is trying to accord all section of the society.

If I may point out to you - and may be, possibly raise your awareness, shamefully, by the existing current laws of the United Kingdom, a person in a Civil Partnership is not considered to be married. While this is being worked on to regularized and implement equality in marriage, people in Civil Partnerships would like to see a recognition, which in no way means that they accept being treated like second-class citizens, but that they know that the statistics is vital in various strata of society so that appropriate services would be provided to them. I think this benefits companies and business who can use the statistics to tailore their goods and services to attracting this section of the society.

I take a strong objection to your continuous disregard of our [LGBT] existence in your market research and would encourage you to please made this amends in line with the current state of policy in this country.

Your Sincerely, 
MyVoiceUK replied as follows:
Dear Godwyns,

Please excuse us for the inconvenience. We will advise our clients to include the option in their questionnaires. Thank you for the feedback.


MyVoice Support

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