Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The God-Concept Has Its Good Sides

Dont get me wrong, religion has its place in the world. But like most other tools [that humans use], it can be a nasty tool when used wrongly. This has been the caase when used to instigate hate, discrimination and manipulation. Fortunately, these are not what religions are used for in most cases. The truth is: there are more good religious people than there are the evil ones.

A series of things to note however, is that God never existed and would never. The concept of God [or gods] was designed by man. It was an elusive answer to the questions that will forever confound human. And that is the only use of religion.

As history has shown over time, the same condition that a religious person claims God/god did/solved for him/her, can be the same condition a non-God/god-recognizing person recovers from without the hassle of praise. Not just that, but the concept is good because it gives [the terrified soul of] man the comfort it requires regarding the unknown tomorrow.

It is simple, humans need to have a target or focus to look up to. And God is that target. The belief in God is equal to the non-belief in God. What rather is the problem is that some believe [it] to the point of thinking those who dont are wrong. It is like thinking all those who use a different bank from you are wrong; or that those who eat what you dont are wrong, or that those who vote a different party from the one you vote are wrong. None of that is true, fair or sensible.

For the major religions, a lot of flaws exist. But it is important to note that the Islamic concept that  "God is beyond all comprehension or equal and does not resemble any of his creations in any way" is rather more sensible. But the flaw comes when the Qu'ran in Surah 9:55 encourages violence against unbelievers. If truly Islam believe that "God is beyond all comprehension",  under what comprehension then does this fall? But mind you, my wonderful Muslim friends are yet to kill me, and they wont; I am sure. The Muslim Access explains better here.

Nonetheless, the God-concept holds a charm that almost no tangible potent concoction does. It helps you control people and can make them as foolishly-wise as any imagination can reach.

So some believe there is God, some dont. And then there are those that come in-between the two. But outside of those boxes, there are those who most obviously are sure that there is no God but prefer to accept that the concept is useful, although completely useless in the terms of design that religious worshipers see it. In a nutshell, these 'outside-the-box' thinkers agree with atheism and theism but at the same time, refuses the tangibility of God hence seeing it as a pure concept; a label. This writer falls in this category.

The sense that a concept is useful but irreverent is ultimate as it becomes almost worshipless but for the control of man. It is a state of mind that gives the individual a full responsibility for his action thus motivating fairness above all. People with this concept of the knowledge of 'God' usually tend to be the ones regarded as good and always asked the question, "you dont believe in God but why are you [such] a nice person?"

To put it short and simple, God does not exist. However, the concept of God, as a definition for the unknown, makes sense and is justifiable. And in such state, it is useful.

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