Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The War Of The Classes

UK politics seems to have returned to its teething phase after so many centuries of building and leading the world in democracy. But then, this has  been clearer since the bottle-necked general election that left us with a cock-up Coalition government that is without manifesto, mandate or agreeable agreements.

Today, it's the game of Pasty; who has eaten one, who remembers when they ate one last and who goes into a pasty shop [to buy sausage roll though]. Through the debate about why pasty or cold bakes should not be taxed, political leaders are yet to give a coherent reason why so or not. Has someone lost their sense or lost their smell? Who thinks IQ stands for International Qualification?

As always corroborated on this blog, the UK political landscape desperately needs a strong intervention. It needs new ideas, new approach, new leadership, new reputation and obviously, new theories and philosophy. This posh versus poor political-class rants must stop. The country need a new party that is well and able to reach out to people without the hangover of feudalism and pauperism.

The Labour party rants on about a Working class; but who and what is that in reality? The term is undoubtedly indefinable especially in comparison and relation to the early 20th centuries when the the Labour was founded.

The Conservative leadership on other hand is shamelessly unable to hide their pretense that they do not understand anything, thereby fueling the who hula-ballo of class-war. But we know that some Conservatives are simple ordinary people who aren't finding it easy in any way nor have inherited any immeasurable wealth.

At the moment, the believed clear line that separated the Tories from Labour is obliterated; it is completely gone because the two parties are no more a camp for the wealthy and affluent rich on one side and the poor and hopeless labourers on the other. Either political party can now boast of both classes and their leadership earns way above the poor and death-certified labourers of our time. Why the lies?

What we need is political equality, responsibility and inclusivity; not a straight-line separation that is nonexistent but used to manipulate and keep a blind eye to the truth. I am not a pauper and neither a wealthy rich kid.

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