Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Marriage Equality - The Deceits

Over the weekend, the row on whether same-sex couples in the UK should be given their right to marry just like others brewed and boiled over. Though there's nothing new about the most recent rhetoric from the Catholic Archbishop, Cardinal O'Brien of the Scottish Church of course. Only that his reaction this time went further to confirm how ignorant the man is.

His comment: "
"I do not accept the fact that one can re-define the word 'marriage' to mean something that it has never meant before," he said.

"I am simply handing on the teaching of the Christian church for over 2,000 years since Christ was on Earth. It is quite simply natural for a man and a woman to be together for the procreation and education of children and for their own mutual love."

He added: "I think if the United Kingdom does go for and support same-sex marriage it is indeed shaming our country."
Examining Mr. O'Brien's statements, the immeasurable dose of ignorance is starkly obvious. Thus the following points answers the flawed thinking;

Marriage was made by man and therefore can be modified by man - Mr. O'Brien seem not know or remember this. But how can he if he is religious and worship a Concept (God) also invented by man.

Marriage pre-dates all present-day religions: Marriage has existed since man can remember, so most of today's religion including Christianity are new in comparison. These religions usurped what they met as that goes along with power to control which is the core foundation of religion anyway.

Marriage therefore is not a Christian nor any religious property. No religion owns marriage. After adopting it, it is hypocrisy and imposition to claim to own it. And if Christianity owns marriage, where does it leave Islam? Or if Buddhism owns marriage, where does that leave Christianity? Marriage is by no means a religious property. However, as religions had the freedom to incorporate (or steal - in the right word) it into their activities, modifying it to suit their way or worship, so also should every other institution; and be able to modify it to their own taste.

Marriage is about, and remains the core business of the adults involved: As marriage is the conscientious agreement between grown adults [to be and share with each other], it is expedient that both the religious and governance institutions learn to limit their intrusion into this agreement. The core reason and enjoyment of marriage is between the adults, thus they are the most important stakeholders in the business of it.

Children do not need figureheads to grow up but need love; unconditional love. The redundant idea that a child need figurehead man and women to grow into well-disposed rational adult is one of the most lunatic argument I often hear from these ignoramuses who has nothing concrete or reasonable to argue about difference in sexual orientation.

Children need love and care to grow and that can be provided by any reasonable and focused adult or group of adults. Wicked sentiments aside, same-sex, single or different-sex parenthood have always existed and raised children since man can remember. They might be man and man or woman and woman, man and woman, but there is no shortage of real evidence that these systems still go on. And patterns of family, has nothing to do with developed, developing or undeveloped countries. And likely, not linked to civilized or uncivilized society; it is a practice that man has practiced across traditions and cultures.

The reason behind same-sex child-raising or family format has ranged from as simple things as disagreement between couples, to complex issues as death of one parent. Mother and grand-mother raising children is common or sisters raising children, brothers, single parents, etc. And in most cases, these co-habitations have happen for love, intimacy, support and even for raising children. These settings have never been a foundation or criteria of failure for the child. Had Cardinal O'Brien been asked, he would have disapproved of President Obama's mother remarrying to the President's step father.

In the worst, Cardinal O'Brien and his liars-league who make up this sentiments are being offensive for many Catholic Church members and other Christians or non-Christians who due to one reason or the other are raising children with partners, siblings, parents, friends, etc.

So their suggestion that "It is quite simply natural for a man and a woman to be together for the procreation and education of children..."  is the worst misguidance anyone could believe. It is simply not!

The Church is 2000 years as the Cardinal confirmed, but marriage is millions of years. Over the entire time, marriage has been modified and re-modified into different shape and formats. In fact, even in his Bible -f he ever read the book at all - marriage went from being 1 man and 1 woman in Genesis, to being 1 man and 300 women plus another 700 women... in the Book of Kings.

Perhaps, the Cardinal and his fellow deceits should compare the marriage life of 'the man after God's own heart' and tell us what they think.

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