Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Is It Time For Political Parties To Align To Social Imbalance?

Most political parties that exists in countries across the world all share the same foundation; one based on labour imbalance of feudal societies. This came from long time ago and apparently, more obsolete than is recognizable today.

As-Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, 
"We have feudal governments in a commercial age. It would be but an easy extension of our commercial system, to pay a private emperor a fee for services, as we pay an architect, an engineer, or a lawyer. If any man has talent for righting wrong, for administering difficult affairs, for counselling poor farmers how to turn their estates to good husbandry, for combining a hundred private enterprises to a general benefit, let him in the county- town, or in Court-street, put up his sign-board, Mr. Smith, Governor, Mr. Johnson, Working king."
And that is manifest in the politics and economies the world currently run on. Although man tend to keep moving forward, sometimes, it is vividly clear that we are simply moving in a circle. With old political parties and greyed political systems, most of our new inventions, modernizations and renowned present-day systems are nothing but new wines into an old jar.

Take the ideological division of the political spectrum for instance; with Left and Right wings being the core landing pads, and looking back on their history mostly emanating from 18th Century French Parliament, it is obvious that the vision and focus of these formats are long vanished; thought not achieved.

There are no more the Working class - a phrase we still use and cling onto more out of paranoia than truth. There is no gainsaying that the definition of the term "working class" has changed massively. It was defined and invented in the days when workers were largely ordinary workers whose opinions did not count. They were to be seen and not to be heard. They received peanuts for pay and had no rights whatsoever. They were lorded over like slaves.

The modern Working Class, if ever, is far responsible and respected with improved working conditions which must be guarded. Or do you count the General Secretary of Unison, who earns Six figures as Working Class? How about local council's Chiefs? Media News readers? But no, a teacher earns well over 30k, pensions and fabulous holidays, etc. Of course, money is never enough, and working class shouldnt be gauged by earnings only, but many other conditions; including ability to take time off work, etc.

The politics of siding with wealth, work and class is old and crass. The claim to be Left-wing or Right-wing is pointless. What we need now is the politics of fairness, of responsibility, respect and dignity.

Comparing the two main spectrum, the Left seems to be completely unnecessary at the moment. The Right have little relevant and can renew itself by giving up individualism based on wealth but adopt individualism based on rights and responsibilities and dignity.

Gone were the days when our society was starkly divided by low and high, rich and poor, land owners and tenants. Today, a lot other shades exists in between; no more white and black but with many shades of gray that links the two colours. People these days do not answer to [their] employers like slaves but can walk out and create their own brand with or no connections.

It is the above that brings the difficult choice of who to vote for in elections. In the UK for example, the present Right-wing government, although freckled with some 'supposed-liberal' do take decisions that most workers agree with; i.e. standardizing benefits into universality, certain reform of the entire public sector, etc. Yet, the same people, would disagree with cuts to certain services, etc.

This therefore brings us to ask, is the Labour movements across the world still useful in this 21st century in its archaic form?? The answer of course is a resounding NO! This is manifest at the number of people who belongs to Trade Unions these days which is few in comparison to the number of employed people around. And yet, we know that of those who belong to it, only a tiny fraction participate actively.

Because in this age of freedom, and as the permutation of ideology and as belief extricate itself to form newer understanding, it becomes more than necessary to align and carry everybody along. The continuous disenfranchisement of so many because they do not adhere to the 'old order' may have serious consequences in the future. When the peak of this new enlightenment is reached, the world would face another pleasant but necessary upheaval towards achieving this expression of political freedom.

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