Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sales Of Weapon Fell By 14%; Hope It Continues

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UK defence group BAE Systems has reported a drop in annual sales after defence orders fell back and has warned sales will not grow this year.

The report confirms that sales at BAE fell by 14% and a particular reason cited is the USA's pull out from Iraq.

Although shareholders in BAE might feel sad at the prospect of losing business, it seems a good thing that less weapons are being purchased and a forecast that it would continue is just the right thing.

But when would our world report such a fall in aggressions and war? A fall in violence, in shoot and kill, in crimes; of assassinations, murder, man-slaughter, dangerous riots, etc. When?

When will we wake up to a world that gets a whole day of peace? Of no suicide bombing, or terrorism or self-immolation? when?
Yet, what is baffling is, that most of the actions above, from governments' aggressions to suicide bombing and terrorism are all geared towards finding peace. Hence we mess up whatever peace there exists in the  quest to destroy or put opponents to angst. But is it working?

May be, the reduction in owning weapons by both States and individuals would be a step to begin at. It is imperative that we think of peace in peaceful term rather than by wars.

BAE may be unhappy that its year-end statement is negative. Yet in reality and for practicality, a further negative report such as this and if it persists, could reduce wars for a more peaceful world where, all could live happier lives with lesser fear. Of course, weapons would always exists but any reduction would do our emotional lives much good no matter how little.

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