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Religion: We Must Be At The Brink Of A New Era - Part 2

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But rest your breathe again; the world will not turn irreligious; far from it. Man remains the only mammal as, that has continuously searched for answer for the unanswerable. At the moment, we know and see that a good number of those who are unsubscribing (or are not subscribed at all) to present day organized religion are however, creating a new religion.

These new religion are of variant types. It is therefore difficult to predict which will outdo the rest. The Human Rights ideologists, the Ethics rebellious, Science/Scientologist, Humanists or the Material worshippers? Time will tell.

It is however obvious that supremacy may end up split between Human Rights/Humanists and the Ethics/Human Rights. Science will always remain a tool for service just like Material worship. These 2 accessories are human behaviour of curiousity and obsession and will never leave.

It is the above 2 characteristics too that set us apart from fellow mammals/creatures. Humans do not stop wanting. Lions kill for food, we kill for fun. Animals eat what they need, we posses what we dont need. Animals do not worry about tomorrow, we stock up wealth toward years. Animals do not create shelter beyond their space, we prefer to own every space we can lay hands on... Obsession.

In trying to acquire, we fall prey to curiousity. Of what tomorrow might bring; of what we could be and even, as some religion has unevidently predicted, of where we shall be after we are dead. Funny!

Religion is hinged therefore on the two nature of obsession (ownership and control) and curiousity (past and future - and unanswerable behest).

All the above bring us that are living now to a very critical point in our existence, the very intersection of yet another change. A change we do not like but one that is obvious. That as we have exhausted the pragmatics of all present-day religions and have found no answer to the very unanswerable question, the early developers amongst us are moving fast onto something else; the absolute rejection of these religions.

But why mostly the young? Because as humans and based on our curiousity (of past and future), the young learns from the mistakes of the old. Hence every new generation on-going shall deny religion more than the one before it. And that move will also be applicable to regions. Europe of Middle Ages will hardly believe that the Renaissance happened? 

From events happening around the world, it is clear that Africa and a lot of the developing world are still in their middle ages. Events in the Middle East since 2011 spring predicts a rather unbelievable rise of a new movement. The demand for rights, for accountability and for equity. This also points to a Change that will in the end affect religion as we know it today.

In Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Oman, Bahrain, etc, religion is still holding forth and used by the present day leaders to manouvre the population, but that all is on its way out. A time shall come and not very far, when the same population, as newer generations arise, will see through the shroud [of religion] and reject that commonality between them and their leaders. Like in the past travel of religion across the world, the change is repeating the same route and possibly, the same speed.

It is no need to wonder if these will happen, it definitely will come to pass. Christianity and Islam will end! New forms of Religions will take their place. 

But then, what about smaller religions like Buddhism? Those may likely not end at the same speed or step their big brothers will. They were the flimsy changes that never made the right impact and thus may remain or die. But whether they remain or die, their impact or loss is almost beyond notice.

So current attack and resistance by the faith zealots are inevitable. The Ayotalla Khamenei, the Lord Carey of Clifton, the Anne Widdecombe's, the Baroness Warsi, and all their fellow religious followers may not accept it - and I commiserate with them - but the end of their beloved faiths - at least as informing societal ideology - is on a face out. 

The goodnews for the above sect of humans though is that this will not complete in their time. So each of them may still die [obviously not happy] knowing that they religions are still there. But like the pegan priests of the late 3rd centuries and early 4th centuries, they would be stricken in their grave to learn that the beloved faiths are completely gone.

These truths are hard to swallow and could lead the said fanatics to attack those who say them, yet, those attacks, whether it be mere words or fatwas, would not change what is to come.

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