Sunday, February 19, 2012

Religion: Are We At The Brink Of A New Era - Part 1

Across the world, never had there been a time in recent generations, when debate on religions is as high as it presently is. While religions' incarnations has remained a part of the human race all along, there had always been that milestone that can only be the tipping point.

We may just go back just a mere 3000 years ago and we realize how fast Changes with religion has occurred. From pagan worship of our forebearers to the conquering and imposition of monotheist faiths, what is very clear is that the human mind is never at rest in its quest to solve the mystery of its existence.

In the time between 200 to 1700AD when Christianity and Islam finally took hold of the world over, - this timing is based on the fact that while Europe was Christainized in early 3rd Century when Constantine finally adopted the religion, the Americas and Africa were to wait until later before Christianity and Islam arrived to change them - rebellions and refusal to accept the arriving faiths were high and repeated in all communities. Of course, who finds it easy to change their way of life?

What is undisputable through the above time was the rebellion that welcomed the new evangelization. Britannia opposed it as much as Africans rejected it. But as in all dictatorships, like the ones [faiths] before them, wars or other means of force were used to impose these new ways of life on whoever the recipient at each time was.

In today's world however, war is not being used - you may disagree on that point and you may not be completely wrong - to advance the new religions that are budding; reason is. Religious belief is waning and the pattern of change is no different from the ones in the past. Europe, as in the past is leading. it has reached its maxim and the downturn is inevitable as is evidenced presently.

A recent snapshot survey by IPSOS Mory in the UK, commissioned by the Richard Dawkins' confirms that those claiming to have religion has dropped whooping 25% (from around 72% of the total UK population according to 2001 census to 54% of the same population presently). Although this data may not be accurate to the digit, it is nonetheless correct.

Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury who is now nothing but a militant Christian, could be an evidence of the stress and worry faced upon by other zealous faith people who are worried day and night that their affabled religious are gradually losing the foothold of driving societal ideology.

In Germany, there had been disputes against the formerly traditional church tax and presently, it is no more applicable. Germany recorded an almost 8% fall in Christian adherents between 2006 and 2008. These fact is almost repeatable across Europe and America. But it wont be strange to find the same once in Islam once secualrization gets a footing as it is presently in the process of.

But this is reality. Just like those many centuries ago, when a swat of pagan British people thought Christianity will never take hold; like the many Turks or Egyptians, who never envisaged Islam dominating; or like the Africans who gaped as their traditional worshiping was labelled sin and evil, we are today seeing these mighty religions, especially Christianity and Islam, losing footholds and their followers engaging in a war of words refusing to accept that their religion should not guide or inform public life.

Over the week, a British Cabinet member [without portfolio], Baroness Warsi resorted to name-calling, branding secularism Militant. Like her fellow Conservative politician, the now-retired MP, Anne Widdecombe, these people and their ilk are failing to grasp the reality that is dawning on us all; that religion as we know it is changing. And nothing shall stop this.

Yes, it is the beginning of the end for established religion as we know them. But hold your breathe, it wont happen yet. These evolutions take time. But come back 100 years from now and check, religion as we know them would have been faced out.

But rest your breathe again; the world will not... Part 2 coming

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