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GPs Give The NHS One More Year To Live If...

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Say, is there any other professional medical groups left to disown the UK government's Health Reform Bill?

Possibly, there is/are. Except that such must be faceless. In the government response to the latest criticism, Health Minister Simon Burns told the BBC, "...I find it in one way baffling, because it (GPs Criticism) is not representative of what I hear GPs up and down the country saying." As you can see, these "GPs up and down the country" has no identity.

The Royal College of GPs (RCGP) was the latest to run far from the Reform. It is even stranger considering that this whole hulla-ballo has been built and hinged on the fact to give the said GPs the power to run healthcare in the UK as they wish. Yuk!
Speaking to colleagues on Thursday - and I work in the NHS with a Primary-Based Commissioning (PBC) group of GPs - they think the Reform is ill-focused. What GPs wanted in practice, is not to run the NHS; but to be more involved in running the NHS. These are two different things. And the later wouldnt have been any difficult to achieve as much as it would have been to review a bit of the beuracracy that surrounds all aspects of the public sector in the UK anyway.

So as the RCGP today air their disappointment, it corroborates what we have always feared. However, I fear that at this point, as said in this post few days ago, the Reform is at the worst critical point; a point of damage.

According to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Dr Helena Johnson, chair of the group had this to say: "Together with many other health professionals, we have tried to engage constructively and make sensible suggestions throughout the bill's passage through Parliament. But time and time again, the views of patients and health professionals have been ignored. The government seems determined to press ahead with these reforms." Disappointed.

But as the government is too embarrassed to make a U-turn and too ignorant to dump its ideology, it wont be pessimistic to worry for the demise of the NHS. But fear not, it wont be buried; we'll be left with just a walking-dead NHS at the end of this Reform if carried on at its current form

God save our gracious NHS!

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