Wednesday, February 08, 2012

George Osborne: The Man Who Invents Myths

George Osborne (left), looking dazed.
At the 2009 Tory conference, George Osborne, the then Shadow Chancellor, in a term of concrete and well rehearsed PR onslaught for No 10, invented the phrase: "we are all in this together".

Giving his conference speech that year (October 6), with a backdrop of typical British brick houses, Mr. Osborne announced that the Conservatives would make bankers pay, and other myths he told the nation that day;
"But if we find the money that should be going into stronger bank balance sheets is being unreasonably diverted into bigger pay and bonuses - we reserve the right to take further action and that includes using the tax system."
In trying to confuse the nation, George Osborne used the phrase "we are all in this together" seven good times. So far, 19 months into the actual game as the Chancellor, we now know that we are surely not in the same thing as him.

The same bonuses he promised above "to take further action..."; he now defends thus

"There are those who are trying to create an anti-business culture in Britain – and we have to stop them. At stake are not pay packages for a few but jobs and prosperity for the many."
Mr. Osborne who should be fighting to bring [us] all into this together, is hereby boldly pledging his support for big bonuses which he strongly opposed in 2009. By referring to public outcry against unreasonable bonus package to bankers subsidized by taxpayers money, as "anti-business", the Chancellor is creating a two-tier society.

He is buying into his rich-gangs in the so-called "Markets" while ignoring the electorates again. Today, he as invented yet another phrase that would hunt him like the first.

"We are all in this together" has proven to be a lie at every step of the way; the list is ashamedly unpresentable:
  • the NHS reform?
  • Public pay freeze?
  • Pension reform?
  • Welfare reform
  • Local council services cuts
  • Redundancies in all sectors
  • Schools reform
  • Defence cuts
  • Milk for kids
  • Rail transport
  • Forest sale-out
  • Home Office/Immigration
  • Justice system & prison
  • Police cuts
  • RBS booty with taxpayers money

All the above reform, pay freeze, cuts and wanton redundancies are happening to the ordinary man. As already highlighted, homelessness has doubled, unemployment is growing faster than a High Speed 2 train. And crime, as evidently portrayed during the August [2011] riots across England shows that the bomb is ticking towards explosion.

But it is vividly clear that this man is far removed from where the "we" is. He knows nothing about everyday life for the majority low-middle class [people]. He has no understanding what not having food to eat means. And in fact, there's nothing in life that this man understands... Little wonder he thinks those being over-paid deserve it or they would go elsewhere to the suffering of the entire country.

And today, this man has invented yet another myth calling public disapproval of bonuses "anti-business culture". Shame on George Osborne. Only a fool will believe him.

In any proper setting where there is strong opposition, both myths join together could shine light on the lies of this government and expose their failure for all they promised both in opposition and in power.

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