Sunday, January 01, 2012

Would 2012 Political Moments Be More Crisis?

PM Cameron sacked his Comms Director Mr. Coulson

2011 was full of political moments; in fact, going by any means, it was mired in crisis of all types and shades. Here in the UK, the story was no different. From overlapping and never-going-away phone hacking to riots; biggest Workers' strike in years, comatous economy, or confused Coalition policies that are going nowhere slowly.

On the international scene, those flashes of victory that can be claimed all happened with huge losses of precious human lives and resources. The truth is that these victories are a deficit.

Osama Bin Laden was killed but after 10years manhunt that has contributed to sending America into economical doldrums. Saddam was unseated and killed but with thousands of lives of Libyans and infrastructural loss that runs into billions. And yes, America left Iraq after nearly 9 years but with a human balance sheet in the red of over 4,000 soldiers' lives and yet, not a mended Iraq.

It is another year now and we begin the count. What would the politicians do better or different? Have they learnt from their long list of mistakes or are their heads buried in the sands of their ego? In the UK, 2 positive events are on the bill, none a product of this year if you look at them squarely; but aside from them, what else?

[The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is a product of 60 years reign and the Olympics is a product of 7 years plan.] So what does 2012 hold?

Would our police forces be strengthened after so many exposure of weakness; from fending the riots to mismanaging the phone-hacking, from laughable investigation of crimes to biased Stop-and/or-Search. Or the racially-hinged handling of terrorism and its suspects; needless to talk about their struggle with the [now] uncontrollable gang culture?

Nothing but the key decisions made by policy-makers and politicians can determine this year's political moments. And unless carefully accessed and selflessly piloted, spill-overs from last year's crisis would only but deepen our crisis.

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