Friday, January 06, 2012

UK Aid; A Tool For Corruption

In what seemed a big U-TURN today, the UK government, urged by Members of Parliament (MPs) in the Parliamentarian International Development Committee, has announced that it will increase aid to acknowledged corrupt countries. This comes as a shock.

The committee thought that this aid should be "conditional" on these countries improving governance.

In fact, for the soreness of corruption in these countries, ordinary citizens in these countries do not agree with huge funds being handed down to their rulers who accomplish absolutely nothing with it.

But looked at closely, one is tempted to wonder why this uncalled-for change of tone by the British government. Only [less than] 3 months ago while in Australia for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), David Cameron announced what seemed a sensible approach to UK aid giving. Although he tainted that announcement with the gay rights link, it was still a bold step which tax payers in the UK had long wished for.

In a letter by Justice for Gay Africans (JfGA) responding to that announcement, we welcomed the Prime Minister's move especially based on corruption but berate the link to gay rights since there are a barrage of other general reasons UK can take that proper step.

In what seems a repercussion, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Jamaica, etc responded fiercely threatening the UK to dare pull out their aid. In fact, to make it more material, the Nigeria senate went ahead to start and vote through a Bill to prohibit same-sex marriage. During the staged processes of debating that Bill, Nigeria Senate President continuously referred to Mr. Cameron's aid speech. That Bill today has one or two more steps to land on Nigeria President's table for signing into law. That will double-fold the criminalization of Homosexuality in that country.

As the Bill went through, we saw UK government almost silent due to the complexity of aid threat. What then followed was the UK trying to salvage its name and explain what it did not mean in regard to cutting aid.

This therefore makes one wonder if this new move to increase aid to the same countries is a way to pacify their outbursts and threats. Considering that China is lurking around the corner trying to snatch these business opportunities from the weakening West, is the increase a game to retain the corrupt friend? To calm the angry lions of Africa and Asia? To assuage the lying pits of hell?

This is appalling! The Commons committee claims these countries are fragile and post-conflict States. Do they not realize that the reason for their fragility is corruption? Countries where leaders exploit ethnic differences, religious separatism, gender imbalance, tribal conflicts, sexual minorities, youth unemployment and the myriad of problems caused by their non-existent leadership.

The UK must stop wasting money. Non-Governmental and Charity organizations should get these monies to use directly in creating enterprise. Tax payers in the UK can do with tax breaks and we would see donations to charities increase.

Like social welfare, UK government continuous dishing out of money without probity is fueling corruption at all levels. This should and must not continue. It seems time is coming when ordinary tax payers in the UK should revolt against this wasteful spendings.

Aid to these countries is like taking money from the poor tax payers in rich Western countries and giving it to rich government officials in poor developing countries. These rich government officials are richer by millions than Cameron and own a shocking amount of wealth which they cannot account for.

Stop corrupting these gluttons!

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