Sunday, January 01, 2012

Too Much To Do? To Much to Ignore?

Finally here we are. It is 2012 and the UK is set for a fever of landmark events. Come June, the Queen's 60years on the throne will be celebrated in style for weeks. And on the heels of that will be the Olympics which by obligation will draw people from across the world.

Since both events are world-class events or at least watched across the world, it definitely is a lot to do. the UK will therefore for over 10 weeks of this year, hold the world in attention... and no stones will be left unturned to make sure these impresses.

But in the midst of so much to do, the fear that so much would be ignored may not be an alien one. Just before Christmas, the charity Crisis reported the increasing incident of homelessness. It is not a very new issues, but unfortunately, Homelessness has rarely made it into any UK political party's manifesto in recently years.

Child poverty is spiraling out of control. However, most of Coalition government's policy would increase this as funds are channeled into organizing an impeccable Olympics and Diamond Jubilee events.

Healthcare would also be sent to the back burner for now. So far, with the NHS Reform process in total disarray, healthcare in the UK for the average person would continue to lose quality and priority.

Although the government has announced that UK will not have an Olympics of austerity, it is however vividly clear that the people will have an austerity of Olympics' year.

Available data reveal an appalling care for the elderly. For the Education Department, there can be no better time for full review with mess in examination boards and the like. As for immigration, lets hope that as it directly contributes to the Olympics, it would rub off on it. Otherwise, they may this time have to run a whole year of unguarded and unchecked border.

Surely, there is so much to do. But without caution, there will be so much to lose under the glittering shows the world will see.

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