Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saving Iranians; The New USA's Missionary Journey

Photo: AP
In the space of a week [or so], American ships rescuing Iranian citizens from [Somalian] pirates has become too common. In fact, since the advent of sea terrorism, never had it been so easily secure like we have seen in these recent episodes. And in spreading it, the Media painted the picture down to the tiniest events including how the rescued Iranians were given "water, blankets... and even 'halal' breakfast". (Do we need these details?)

But considering the time they are happening, as tension mounts between Washington and Tehran, one is tempted to wonder if there is more than meets the eye in this new missionary journey the US of A has suddenly heard the voice of [their] God to carry out; rescue [only] Iranians. Should we look under the boats? beneath the sea surface? Are we being fooled or is Iran being lured - or appeased, depending on how you want to see it - to a round table?

Of course the self-proclaimed World power never do anything except for their own greedy self-enhancement and expansion with one goal in mind: to dominate the world - dont quote me here; it calls itself - or enjoys being called - World power.

But at a time America has just - and finally so - got tired of military warfare; realized it has nothing left or if truth be told, realized its end-of-20th Century plot wasnt a success, what else could be much easier than to turn to wit while it decides its next plot to keep dominating the world?

Since America is shunning wars now while Iran is pressing on with nuclear development in absolute stubborn defiance of the West, this new plot of showing mercy cannot be at a better time. Yea, call this skepticism, but this events smells of fish.

However, whatever be behind this new-found missionary journey on the sea by the Americans towards their arch-rival Iran[ians], so long as it gives us a peaceful world, it is very welcomed. Just so long as...

It is a critical time; with Iran sentencing US citizens to death, seizing America's military drone, developing uranium, enhancing its military capacity & capabilities; the incumbent world power must surely feel threatened. But as with all Powers-that-be, it is normal to refuse emerging powers or even acknowledge them.

But the saying that "history repeats itself" is only meant for a fool. Rome was once an empire just as Gadaffi was once the mighty one of Libya.

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