Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Nigerian's Response to Nigerian Govt Irresponsible Approach to Fuel Subsidy

This is a response posted on Facebook on rant by Nigeria Minister of Finance, the Betrayer Ms. Okonjo-Iweala on her page. I have copied and pasted it here and you can see Ms. Okonjo-Iweala's ranting lies in the blog below
The response
When a Nigerian pays N65 for fuel rather than N40, he is subsidizing the incompetence of Government by N25.

· When a Nigerian has to buy a Generator and buy Petrol and Diesel because Electricity generation is worse off, he is subsidizing the incompetence in Government.

· When a Nigerian has to drill a borehole, buy pure water or Bottled water rather than get public potable Tap water, he is subsidizing the inefficiency of Government.

· When a Nigerian has to maintain 3 phone-lines or 3 different internet subscriptions just because of call-quality or crippled bandwidth, he is subsidizing the failures of Government regulation.

· When a Nigerian has to pay heavily to secure his life and property through personnel and gadgets, he is subsidizing the failure of Government to protect him constitutionally.

· For Bad roads, we subsidize by having to visit the mechanic more often than usual or sometimes with our lives.

We can go and on about the Educational system, Health sector, the Environment, Maritime, etc.

Its time for us to remove our own subsidy by making the government do what they are suppose to do. ITS NO MORE ABOUT SUBSIDY ALONE:

  • The American President has only 2 aircraft, our president has 11 in his fleet and voted money recently to buy 1 more!
  • The British prime Minister has only 2 official cars, our president has 23 in his pool and only recently voted 300million naira to buy 2 more bullet/bomb proof ones!
  • Senators in the US earn about $6,000 dollars monthly and dats about what a university professor, or a director in a state dept, or a doctor with 20yrs experience, or a teacher with 25yrs experience earn too, but in Nigeria a senator earns 245million Naira per annum! Dats the annual salary of 25 vice chancellors, or 50 medical doctors, or 60 directors, or 500 school teachers!
  • The US, with about 300million people have 24 ministers, and 32 govt parastatals and commisions, Nigeria has 42 cabinet ministers, and over 50 government parastatals!
  • America with about 300million people and more mileage to drive consumes 39million litres of petrol daily, Nigeria with 160million people 60% out of which live in remote areas, yet our govt tells us we consume about 35 million litres of petrol daily!

And a last one!!! President Jonathan last bought fuel with his own money in 1996 shortly before coming on board the NDDC! So also is a whole lot of them in government!

Article taken from comments by Dominic-savior Chibuzo Chukwu on Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's Facebook page

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