Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is Nigeria Reaping the Seeds of Long Years of Corruption

The rise of modern terrorism in Nigeria is not shocking to Nigerians, it is only threatening and abhorring.

For over 50 years of self-governance, Nigerians who are old enough to tell of the country under colonial rule agree it's been a shameful 50years.

In all that years, the benefit of citizenship is a mere wishful thinking... In fact, benefits of citizenship is unknown to generations born after colonial governance. The first emotion was displayed immediately afterwards resulting in a civil war that lasted over 3 years and claimed millions of lives. That wound has never healed underneath; but worse still, corruption and bad governance increased ever thereafter.
Although terrorism in Nigeria always take the form of religious or tribal offence, it is truly the result of long years of corrupt and inefficient government after government. For 52 years, the citizens of Nigeria has suffered the worse poverty, denial of their own common wealth and worse still, their politicians has used divide-and-rule to keep confusion at the heart of the polity in Nigeria.

Its tough to imagine or think Boko Haram's actions as the disintegration of #Nigeria yet... but it is concerning. However, it is a known fact in history, that terrorism is the final resort of oppressed people; by a sample. Consequentially, it usually lead to full revolt if mismanaged.

But is there a solution? Can a government without a blueprint for positive change - as we are yet to experience - really steer the ship - Nigeria - away from this storm? There is still hope.

Solution must be both immediate & long term. Citizens must feels the benefits of belonging to a country that is vast in all aspects. The government however is currently making a mistake; of implementing short-term solutions of attack, arrest and kill members of Boko Haram without yet proffering opportunities to the poor, deprived people of Nigeria to feel the gains of a rich country that is theirs.

It would not be assumptive to suspect that some Nigerian politicians and high State officials are already exploring ways in which to use Boko Haram to obtain control of State. In fact, what would be right to assume is that this is already happening; that some politicians and top government dons must be behind Boko Haram; I pray not.

The tension in the country is not limited to the Northern states only. Neither is it special to Christians  nor Muslims. The truth is that everyone else who is not a member of Boko Haram or the government is afraid. Speaking to relatives, friends, former colleagues and former clients in Nigeria, there massive an immeasurable fear around. People are staying away from Church as well as Mosque.

While the Igbos and other ethnic groups are on mass exodus from the North back to their origins in the South, the Hausas who has nowhere to go are feeling dejected and left to die. Friends they have grown with have deserted back to the South and the government isnt providing any assurance of protection. Boko Haram's action is a curse to all in the country regardless of whatever alignment.


Oye said...

This is SO true! Corruption is the number 1 reason why an oil-rich nation like Nigeria continues to experience third-world problems. It's so sad! Our so-called government didn't learn its lesson when MEND came along. Only God knows how it's going to end.

Godwyns Onwuchekwa said...

You're right; but I quite doubt your last sentence. God must be busy with other things to care a teeny-bit. Nigeria & its leaders need to sort out the problems they created.

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