Monday, January 23, 2012

NHS In Limbo

Since the formation of UK Coalition government, one thing, amongst all cuts, that has concerned most people is the Health [Reform] Bill.

From the very beginning, only a fool would have thought that the proposed plan was what is needed to safeguard the NHS into the future. Of course, let's not make the mistake, the NHS and most of all public sectors, including the Executive arm of government needed a radical change. The problem is; what Change?

Well, for the NHS, from the inception of the Coalition, the wrong Change was proposed and worse still, applied without due and accurate consultation. Thus we are experiencing now the worse ever reform any that can could be implemented.

The approach was like taking an unfinished barge onto the sea... and when it starts capsizing, obviously, the problem isnt just that the ship was not completed, but that the vast ocean is not a safe ground to stand aside to save occupants.

So here we are; faced with that reality.

For a Prime Minister that gave a cast-iron guarantee to protect the NHS, ring-fence its budget and promised not to carry out a top-down restructuring, its shameful that he is executing a dictator-style change imposed on the people with such reckless abandon. Of course, we know that the likes of Danniel Hannan that must be sitting back and laughing his head off at how the PM and Andrew Lansley are achieving what he dreamt of. Yet Mr. Cameron berated Mr. Hannan when he made his suggestion in 2009 on Fox News.

At this point, there is barely any redemption for the NHS. The Health Bill is at a stage that both moving back or forward would probably have the same effect. While Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) were abolished is still unexplained and the proposed replacement-Consortia has been a mess in formation.

After hurriedly forcing the Consortia to form on the basis of free border and alignment, they are now being forced to align to Council borders. How did we come to that? Because as this ideological Coalition separated health, public health and social care, it requested Councils to take over public health but to work with 'local' consortia for delivery - dont worry, we are yet to determine anything about social care. However, since Councils' budget is tied to population spending money with a Consortia that is straddling more than a  one Council or [worse still] not covering its entire area was always going to be problematic?

So with the constant patching and reform of the Reform, the Health Bill is now dangerously inconsistent and worse off than a box of Puzzle with enough jigsaw but of different origins.

Who says penny-wise pound-foolish is just an adage?

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