Monday, January 02, 2012

The Markets Or The Electorates; Who Do Governments Owe Protection?

Since the first financial crisis in 2007, it has become glaringly clear why governments brought us all to this knee-grinding position. A very excruciating position that we are all in [it] together only for the pain, but not for the support. The governments care only for the 'Markets' not their electorates.

When the banks and their cohorts in the financial trading industry across the world starting falling like the pack of their gambling cards 4 years ago, governments across the world rallied round, took what belonged to all of us and gave to them.

Although it made sense to stop the savings of the average man vanishing into thin air, it made no sense that what then followed was top bankers continuing to take home millions in wages and bonuses; even with increases. It is shameful.

Although the electorates are yet to realize, they only serve as rubber-stamp to keep the ruling class in power. The governments focuses their worry on what happens to the Markets. A very fictitious Market that pays no dividend to the general population but to its operators although heavily using our savings without the slightest of gratitude.

Four long years into the economic crisis, only the morbidly intelligent governments has refused to accept that the solution lies in creating tangible production lines, improve vocational skills and control fat cows instead of creating more fictitious numbers via Quantitative Easing.

In UK and most Western countries that led in the bubble economy of the decade before the crisis, manufacturing, vocations and skills almost entirely disappeared.

With that equation drawn out, that recession or credit crunch or financial crisis - whichever you chose to call it - is currently the absence of manufacturing and vocational skills use. Thus, governments' obsession with the markets is simply ignoring their electors who then bear that brunt.

But what is clear is now this: that as the Arab Springs showed electorates hold their differently corrupt rulers to account through the year, Western governments have developed a tactics of forming governments by appointments starting from Europe. Italy and Greece are currently being used as test-grounds thus expanding the fact that the electorates may hold no value soon.

These governments, by appointments surely owe no responsibility to electorates.

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