Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Course Ed Miliband Talked About Does Not Exist!

Today on Andrew Marr Show, Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband put up what could be called a strong fight against critics, especially within the party by going on about how he will stay the course... what course?

What he seems to have failed to understand is that those criticizing him, especially within the party are those who really care. It is those who are honest and are genuinely concerned about the party and want the party to put up a real response as an opposition. This is not to deny that there some minute number of detractors within the party all the same.

What do we get? A party that is clearly groping and crawling in the dark, responding to every voice that comes across, in [what seems] a desperate move to reach light; any light. This is absurd.

Mr Miliband was, as far as I am concerned well received once elected Leader. Having witnessed him being announced Leader and speaking to many party members at the event in Manchester after the result and his immediate subsequent speech, it was clear, that majority of grassroot Labour party members wanted to move on and make a difference. One phrase was most common afterwards that day at the conference; "he's been elected, lets support him". To hear that over and over amongst a crowd that only just over 51% gave him the vote was spectacular.

Sixteen months into that, what he has failed to do is create a Road Map towards achieving the obvious; taking the government back. The reason for this unmarked charting is indefensible.

Instead, Ed and his Shadow Cabinet has spent 16 months responding to every insect that fly by from the Coalition. This has left the Labour Party as a laughing-stock. No one in this country, including Labour party members, knows exactly what policy the party has on hand to lead or be a better choice.

As written on this blog just about a month ago, the party is not ready and doesnt seem to be getting ready. Would it wait until the election before it sets out its plan?

Of course, no one wants Ed out; what they want is to know his plans. It is like a man who says he is building a house but has no architectural design whatsoever. A robust plan that clearly shows how Labour will walk the walk and 'stay the course' is all that's been ask. If duty calls today, would voters trust Labour to take over the reins of government of this country? I doubt that.

Nobody wants the Leader out; instead, they want him in. The course he talks about does not exist because there is no constitutional time limits for his office. The course he wants to stay will be determined by a clean, well-focused and comprehensive policy plan he puts out. Voters need to have this, study it and cross-reference them to be convinced of a robust position that convinces them to trust and believe in Labour again.

Delaying coming out with a pure plan shows weakness if not confusion and erodes what little trust there is. For this part of the game, the earlier the better. There is barely 40months now to the General Election? Until when before this policy paper is seen? At the 11th hour?

All the little talk here and there by him and his team, today on public sector pay freeze, tomorrow on Murdoch and phone hacking are too flimsily presented hence portraying indecision and unpreparedness. It is like a fish out of water flapping all over and is destroying any chance the Labour party stands of being regarded as a serious contender in the race to run a government.

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