Monday, January 23, 2012

Could Nigeria Govt Officials Be Behind Boko Haram?

Nigeria is synonymous with chaos; that's a fact. Nigeria is corrupt beyond reason and imagination; that's also a fact. Actually, social engineering is a political tradition in Nigeria used over the past 50 years to maintain corruption through chaos; this is more than a fact.

In the wake of the price increase of petroleum product due to an IMF engineered subsidy-removal - hence the removal of the only benefit-like gain from the State, Nigerians protested. Coupled with the increasing violence by Boko Haram, it was billed to be a self-destruction as the IMF must have envisaged... but wait for this; Nigerian politicians are versed in creating own Nigeria's self-destruction.

Hence it wont be totally wrong to think that the increased tension now in Nigeria has an artificial input engineered by some politicians who are well-horned in such all these years. I am of the strong premonition that the Corrupt State, in adhering the advice of the IMF which I suspect include a promise to help them hide their stolen wealth in IMF-controlled banks abroad, is unofficially and secretly involved in Boko Haram's attack. Yes, the rapid move of Boko Haram may not be without support from the high echelon of that corrupt-ridden country.

The plot thus looks like this: the government is under pressure from citizens for the first time in years, to be accountable. Knowing nothing but corruption with the required crippled State security, an key player in the  ruling class must have turned to the obvious. Dont get it wrong, you wont find a memo or Cabinet brief recording this; Nigeria never do things that way. But some official is assigned the job who assigns it to another and possibly to another... Then Boko Haram is finally reached. This is usually why suspected terrorists  or criminals in Nigeria are killed through the same chaos so nothing can be or is ever investigated, etc.

With monies and assurances provided for Boko Haram, all they have to do is throw the bomb, start the gun-battle and cause the chaos. That way, attention is diverted from the people's struggle for a responsible State. Hence in the last two weeks, Nigerians has gone from demanding responsibility from the State in providing petroleum to trepidation of violence and trying to save themselves or their families and friends from attacks.

Well, this hypothesis may not convince you or you may even ask for evidence. But if you know Nigeria and the level of all manners of corruptions both proven and redacted over the years, the nature of crimes, violence, tribal clashes, ethnic cleansing and indepth State institutional corruption, you wont be far from this suspicion that someone, within a State with a tradition of corruption could be behind these violence.

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