Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Where Is The World Headed To?

Well, not sure anyone thinks of this. But looking back at events in the past months - or may be year - you  would quite agree that it has been a momentous recent past.

The financial turmoil has refused to let the so-called 'markets' out of its trolls. Revolutions like we have never seen in recent times came like a wave, dethroned life-kings and maimed brutal warlords.

Where there is mercy, evil is creeping in; and where there is evil, mercy is being crushed. Leaders are torn between the devil (their friends and business associates) and the deep blue sea (the economies).

It is time countries look inwards to save themselves from themselves. Manufacturing is going down at the speed of light as all of us head into the office and leaving the farms behind. Meanwhile, more mouths - did they say its 7 billion now - need to be fed. Genetic-Modified (GM) food will soon not be enough.

Talking of which, the increase of illnesses that our (well, early humans) bodies should have fought off is now terrorizing us. Obesity is now an illness and still cannot be directly challenged; anorexia is revered as a way to beauty.

Regardless of these, the hurdle the world must jump to become the desired place everyone wants is very simple: those who want freedom must respect others and give them same freedom.

How can it be that the Revolutionists who killed dictators turn round to torment others? They have tasted and experienced discrimination and stigma, have been imprisoned for speaking out, exiled from their own community, trampled on for challenging their tyrants, etc. Yet, when they overcome the tormentor, they prefer to torment others?

In Egypt, the same 'Freedom' fighters who removed Mubarak has refused lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgendered and intersex (LGBTI) people freedom; of expression and association. Tell me, how just are these that sought justice?

In Libya, the Revolutionist rebels who killed Gaddafi for oppressing them has turned around to torment and torture blacks and other foreigners.Where is the justice they yearned for?

In Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, suicide bombings are common way to kill fellow fighters and even their own community for religious disagreements.

In Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Cameroun, Malawi, etc, those who demanded for self-rule and democracy have turned to become slave dealers turning their country men and women who are gay or of opposing political opinion into refugees.

In Somalia, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, war has been used to keep the poor everlastingly poor, and power tussle trashed dissenting voices.

In Europe, and the so-called West, propaganda continues to be used. They close their eyes to oppression where it yields money to them. Malawi may not oppress gay people but Nigeria can... and the West are being very careful because Nigeria is a pot of oil and the Chinese are lurking on the corner waiting to grab it.

So, where is the world headed to? It is in a cycle of oppression. Each of the oppressed will turn around and oppress the next.

At this point, can you tell where the world is heading to? Obviously not to a freer world.

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