Monday, December 26, 2011

Sexual Orientation Or Terrorism, Which Really Threatens Nigeria's Culture & Foundation?

People supporting Anti Same-sex Marriage Prohibition bill
Nigeria is probably one of the most blessed countries in the world. The rich diversity of its make-up includes both material and human resources. Politically invented as it may be, Nigeria has refused to gain abundantly from that diversity.

In the present-world political boundaries, very few countries remains in the form of a very original foundation. And for these artificially joined up countries, America, for example, stands as a beacon of faith, hope and tolerance farther above all. Being itself a product of political arrangement, the United States has shown that all it takes is respect for the rule of law, effective integration and assimilation as one, regardless of predated culture, systems or race.

For Nigeria, although only one civil war - the Biafran cessation attempt - is regarded as the only major disruption; yet it has been a country in turmoil ever since independence. The disappointment however, is that its trouble can be traced to her own selfishness.

Unlike America, Nigeria and Nigerians has held on to a maximum bleak hope of ever being one. This has led to a lack of tolerance, hence it continues to entrench and encourage segregation. Although Nigeria remains one, it has very little faith, if any, in itself as one. But we know that even if separation be effected, the resulting countries would surely be no different. This is so because it is the people of Nigeria - of all tribes - that are the problem; individually.

For a country that spends its political energy on imposing morality. it would definitely not create a successful government. The imposition of morality is nothing but dictatorship and the result is what we see in Nigeria today where the real issues are ignored while its Parliamentarians use their personal religion, moral ethics and choice as the measurement for a 'righteous' society.

A new style of terrorism is now taking roots; bombing and violent sectarian attacks. These forms of instability, we know, is a result of a failed process of making a country one. Had the rulers of Nigeria over the years cared for building a one-nation, where people are simply Nigerians, tolerate, respect and accommodate each other and their differences, rather than building their own house and bank accounts, the story wouldn't be what we see today. But government after government, military and democratic alike, has failed; simply because, the people who operated these governments, manipulated that rich diversity for creating their personal and factionalized victory.

The country has been so manipulated it is in a position where corruption is accepted as norm; where majority of Nigerians are more brain-washed to think that accountability should be left for the mythical 'judgement day' while millions suffer. It is a really pity.

It is this concept of accepting corruption as norm that has helped built terrorism to the level it is today. In stead of nipping it in the bud, politicians exploited sectarianism for selfish gains.

Today, these politicians are exploiting religion and morality to usurp the freedom of expression, association and the liberty to exist, of people of different sexual orientation. However, sexual orientation pose no danger to any human, material or natural resources in any way. Yet, in the quest to manipulate for personal gain, Nigerian politicians are embroiled in this exploitation, rather than facing the danger of terrorism which, on the other hand, is risky to all; man, material and natural resources.

But would Nigerians see and read the actual handwriting on the wall? In the recent past, Religious and tribal unrest were the tools, and many, from the major tribes and religions thought they were safe. Now, that game has changed; everybody [in the Northeast] is on the run.

How long before we learn our lesson and accept the truth? How long before we swallow our pride and holiness to face reality? How long, just how long more, before we see the real danger and stop chasing the imaginary target?

Sexual orientation or terrorism, which should we solve and which can we, as human really, are able to change for a better, peaceful and freer society? Our choice will determine our future.

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Nicely put; well done.

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