Monday, November 07, 2011

Is Equality [Really] Achievable?

The simple answer for now is NO!

It is so because those who campaign for equality indeliberately engages in inequality. The Human Rights movement [of the world] is now nothing short of a religion. It has become an unorganized-organized body and run by a cabal of non-appointed and unelected priesthood who calls the shot and gives or withdraws their blessings from whomever they do wish.

It is clear to see the events that led up to the invention of present-day organized religions; a shift and a desire to correct what was wrong. And in trying to achieve that, some voices, has to be de-ligitimized and silenced. Accepted rights and morals were  established and those that did not conform, done away with. Are we back to that again?

Within the larger Human Rights movement, factions has formed; the underdog Global South against the established 'global' North. Whites against Blacks. Religious rights movements against sexual rights ones; Terrorists Arabs against war-mongering West. In the UK, the English Defence League (EDL) hides under equality for gay people to oppress the Islamic community. Even while writing this, SkyNews carries a report of feminists groups standing outside London Earls Court to oppose the Miss World contest which supposedly is a the right of the contestants to participate in.

With all the above, you can vividly imagine the pendulums of morals, of rights, of freedom and of equality swinging from one imbalance to another. Push is gradually inching to shove.

Isnt it appalling when proponents of racial equality call for a ban of those considered to be racist. When those campaigning for religious freedom, insisting that those of no religion should not be heard. The gay rights movements, insisting that governments should bring in laws that gives us rights whether or not it is against public opinion or not. And yet, all these lot turn around to blame governments for not listening to public opinion on taxation, economy, terrorism, dictatorship, etc.

But are we really respecting the 'right' of others to speak like we do? Are we really respectful and tolerant of others who have opposite opinions from us as we wish others to be of us? Or do we think that those who are against us should be crumpled under the feet of the authorities?

May be, what we really need is to learn to respect and follow the adage that says, "live, and let live". Just may be, we need to learn to face opposition and accept that differing opinions are natural. Otherwise, we are no different from the killer who usurps another man's right to life.

Unfortunately, this is the way... Human Rights campaign is the up & coming religion. And like religions before it [in the history of the world], it will take a slow but steady time to reach its peak; surely, not in my time. But it is making progress. Christianity and Islam, were once considered rebellious, insignificant, unneeded and even against the norm.

If you want equality, remember, it means equal. And Equal means that voices that disagree with you must be allowed to exist. Morals are invented by man and are continuously changing from generation to generation.

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