Sunday, October 23, 2011

London Economic Protests: St Paul's Cathedral Propaganda?

Since Sunday 16th October, a mass of the population in the UK has taken camp in front of the magnificent landmark of London, St Paul's Cathedral.

St Paul's Cathedral, London Southwest view
One of the thing that rings a bell, even to the irreligious, is that people including a sizeable number of Humanists and people of all or none faiths would make a church a focal point and a place of refuge in time of unbearable distraught. And what has been rather commendable in this particular protests is that the church has not been tampered with any way whatsoever.

However, the confusion lies in how the whole drama is now unfolding. Only today (23rd October), the Cathedral insisted that it cannot even hold a public church service as it usually does due to some gibberish of a 'health and safety' issue. I smell a fish.

On Sunday 16th October, the Revd Giles 'whoever' said its perfectly fine for people to protest in the area and even asked the police to not disturb the protesters. That was real Christianity! Christ would always be on the side of the oppressed if he was dealing with this. This protesters repressed the economically oppressed of our present world.

But the church has sold out; not that anyone is surprised. After all, the upkeep of the church - and St Paul's Cathedral in particular -  has largely been upholden by the accused greedy rich.

St Paul's at this speed has now portrayed exactly why many are falling out of love with the Church and religion in its entirety. Are we surprised? The two main religion of the world, Christianity and Islam has always been a vehicle for oppression. Their leaders has led all manner of evils against the lowly and poor from the very beginning.

These Religions stand for evil; from middle ages slavery to modern day child abuse, from non-stop degradation of women to prescribed behaviour against all manner of minorities.

In apartheid South Africa, the church operated different sitting places for blacks and whites. In racist America, it did the same. In Islamic states like Bahrain, the Mosque and her leaders flog women for simple things as driving and refuse them their right to join in deciding who leads communities they are part of. In oppressive Islamic Republic of Iran, gay people are tortured, killed and maimed ordered by Muslim Imams and Sheikhs.

St Paul's will be curbing the territorial hold of the church by playing out this propaganda it dancing to the gallery of the greedy rich with. Without protesters camping in front of St Paul's one would be shocked to find a place to put a foot in front of the same Cathedral on an ordinary day. From people sitting on the steps for lunch to tourists taking photos. That space is constantly and always busy with both mobile and stagnant crowd. Even a cyclist like me find it difficult and slow to go past it on any normal day.

St Paul's Cathedral without a maze of uncountable humans would suggest an alien London; yet it has never been closed for that but now.

St Paul's Cathedral and those in charge of it should declare their interests, who they are working for and where they have left the love of Christ.

Jesus fed the five thousand without concern for 'health and safety'? Why suddenly are peaceful people gathering in front of "his father's house" considered a health and safety issue. Where would you want them to go?

Would it have been better if they had turned suicide bombers? Why treat them as pariah when they supplicate in peace a place they thought there should be compassion?

I ask again, where is the love of Jesus Christ? Stop the political stunt, St Paul's. It is against the teaching of Jesus Christ who that house should belong to.

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