Monday, September 05, 2011

Could Libya Rebels' Government Make Gaddafi A Better Evil?

It is a good thing that Gaddafi is finally gone; well, we aren't 100% sure of that yet but lets hope so. The people of Libya are moving into and hoping for a new life; and a type that most of them, especially the majority under 40 years of age has never experienced before.

Reports coming from Libya indicates a complete different new life. In fact, going by the amounts of massacres, arrests and torture by the rebels, a dark hour seems to be unfolding for Libya. The newly hassled-together National Transitional Council (NTC) would have to work flat out to arrest the developing anarchy that is the yet unborn Libya.

What is more worrying is the new type of discrimination and violence that is spreading; ethnic
cleansing cautiously reported in the media. The tribal demarcations being structured is now evident in Bani Walid, the so-called last stronghold of Gaddafi going by the new slangs we have seen on TV being used by the members of the NTC; i.e. people from Gaddafi's tribe, etc, it is setting up to be a real civil war ahead.

Running parallel with the above is the manhandling, and torture of blacks who are being described as mercenaries. Xenophobia cannot therefore be ruled out of the emerging Libya. 

The bane of all the above leads us to the suspicion of a scarier Libya. If so, it is heading to sowing a bitter seeds of discord between the West, especially Britain and USA and Libya. 

Could Gaddafi turn out to be 'the devil you know that is the better than the angels you dont know'? The above impunity by the Rebels surely puts them at odds with the West although the later could always turn a blind eye like it did to Gaddafi for a very long time.

However, with the complicity of the West, i.e. MI5, also being unearthed for supporting Gaddafi to torture suspected terrorists, it is bent on being a rough ride soon. It will be because some of the NTC members were victims of that unholy collaboration.

Finally, the NTC has rejected most proposals for help from the UN, Britian, USA, and publicly proclaim that it will not extradicted any Libyan. What is strange is that after it said that, it reported that the alleged murderer of PC Fletcher died days before; strange.

Power intoxicates, but absolute power is even non-trustworthy. The rebels could dwarf Gaddafi's 42 years of Hell with the amount of power and the speed at which they are getting it. 

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