Thursday, September 08, 2011

UK Govt Blood Ban On Gay & Bisexual Men = Apartheid

This morning, I read with utter dismay, the half-hearted attempt yet again by the UK government at the age-old ban on gay and bisexual men from donating blood.

While so many people might hail this as a step in the right direction, there is nothing right about the announcement in the first place and if a step at all, it is completely in the wrong direction. The UK should not be promoting apartheid of any kind, and think it is doing well.

The famous saying "half bread is better than none", is actually unapplicable when it comes to human freedom and respect. A slave is slave, so long as s/he cannot do and partake freely in what his fellows in the community do.

The issue of blood ban on a section of the community is always wrong; because firstly it was based on a non-scientific fact which has since been refuted time without number.

Secondly, it was established on a pure moral witch-hunt of people who the oppressive conservatives
wish to suppress. These oppressors would do anything and design any excuse to stop gay people from being equal; and we know it is because they claim to have the automatic right of deciding what is good and bad.

What is worrying here is that the Department of Health (DoH) has been playing the fool. Looking at this presumptive HIV prevention policy, the DoH seems to be run by idiots who do not understand or are able to differentiate between sexual behaviour and orientation.

This policy simply means that a heterosexual man who engages in unsafe sex can walk into a blood lab and donate blood right after sex or any time while a gay or bisexual man who has practiced safe sex cannot. Where then is the prevention?

However, what is baffling is how the big HIV charity came out in droves to pander to this discriminatory policy; it is appalling. The Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), National Aids Trust (NAT) and GMFA issued a joint statement welcoming this apartheid; shameful.

The wider gay community do not see any difference. THT, NAT & GMFA are surely not speaking for gay and bisexual men and their view is absolutely against what we want; against equality and non-discrimination.

From an HIV prevention perspective, the charities appear complacent even though they know that this policy does not guarantee any prevention. Is it for their funding that they have suddenly mellowed and accepted 'anything'?

And how would anyone know who has had sex or not in the last one year?

This bigotry must stop. Gay and Bisexual men are not grateful for yet another slap. It follows the halfway marriage act of Civil Partnership.

The UK must not continue to create tiers in the society and then jingle her bells as a country that upholds equality. If a heterosexual who had had unsafe sex can donate blood anytime and the rights tests are carried out to make sure no disease passes through, then same can be done for any man; gay, bisexual or heterosexual.

What should be paramount is the safety of the blood product and with the present level of advancement in science, every donated product should be tested thoroughly. HIV is no more the disease of the gays only.

HIV Prevention must not be discriminatory. The numbers are soaring while we waste prevention funding on targeted and presumed 'high risk' communities leaving the rest of the society in the pitch darkness of ignorance.

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