Friday, September 30, 2011

The Stillborn European State - What Way Forward?

Its a real pity that both the pro-Europeans and Eurosceptic are not seeing the actual dilenma of their stillborn child which is what the formation called EU is. It is stillborn because the bloc is not completely formed and neither is it really lose. This, in every sense of the word, must be the injured vein that holds it half-dead, half-living.

How can a bloc operate a successful economy without a Central bank... or worse still, a Central bank, without a controlling, even guiding government? This is disaster in the making; thus the UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague quite rightly captured the analogy that it is "a burning building with no exits". That is and insider's confession.

However, there is a exit. It is just that that those inside has refused to chisel one even in this alarm-bell state.

The problem of the EU started once it truncated the trade bloc into a quasi-State. It was funny the other day when some media outlets chose to label Barosso's rhetoric as a sort of 'State of the Union Address'. State of the Union? Spare us that crap! What union and who, I mean which electorates gave him the mandate to address them? None!

For the European Union to survive - or well, survive as a working bloc - it has to be clear what it is. A state? Or a trade bloc? If the wish or ambition of the pro-Europeans is the former, then the bold step should be taken to declare and propose it. But attempting Statehood through stealth as is the current fashion is deceptive, misleading and far above all, destructive.

Those who argue that it holds the peace are far from the truth. When and if the Statehood is imposed via this route, hell will be let lose and it may be the Third World War... well, agreeing that the world is in Europe (what is WWII).

A European Union based on common trade and boundary would be far more useful and beneficial to the affiliating nations parties than a one state Europe. Who wants to cede their sovereignty into a bottomless pit? A bottomless pit because such huge state would be too difficult to govern. And you are talking of combining the less-corrupt and highly civilised UK, Germany, Netherlands, etc with the African-type corruption of Italy, Greece, Portugal, etc to become a state... Com'on, we should see some sense.

The best thing would be for Britain to lead the way. Being that it luckily has just one leg in, it should easily pull it out now and the rest would follow.

Otherwise, the way forward is, Europe should become a full-fledged State, establish the complete structures of a state and manage its fiscal economy properly. Or, it should retreat from the deception, go back to the drawing room and redraw for what it was initially formed to be - a trade bloc.

Should the self-imposing egoists and patriotics who claim to be pro-EU go for the Statehood, I am sure a referendum is the only way ahead.

All in all, a trade bloc Europe is far better than a non-Europe or an European State. I am not Eurosceptic.

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