Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nigeria Ressurrects A New But Whittled Down Version Of Its Same-Sex Prohibition Bill

See this link to read the new approach by Nigeria to outlaw possible same-sex marriage. The funny aspect of this attack is that the marriage does not exist. Well, you can outlaw something that does not exist.

The Bill is porous in its current (2011) version looks like the work of an idiot but the sad story is, Nigeria is run mainly by idiots and this idiocy could carry the day. 

Interesting... The Senators argue that if samesex marriage is allowed... there will be no one to fill the world tomorrow and replace them as senators. It makes me believe that those who believe in God are actually those who belittles the same God. If God is able, would God need the help of human to recreate or sustain the existence of human? Or has God ran out of ideas?

As for religious aspects of the arguement, it seems the fools also forget that religion is an invention of man - that is another discussion.

Talking of which, the quoted senators all sound like fools eating their own vomit; no wonder after 12yrs of democracy, Nigeria is still in shambles and corruption amounts... Lets not talk about 51yrs (of independence) because that does shames...

As for history, the Sponoring lawmakers led by Senator Obende proves to be shameless liars or outright idiots saying African religion forbids same-sex marriage. Shocking!!! these set of men and women who make laws do not even know the history of the land. they need to do more research.

Same sex marriage has existed in Africa both religiously, customarily and socially from time immemorial. My own tribe, the Igbos, who were also amongst the first enlightened and civilised and had established governments and religions including a Holy land in Arochukwu, already practiced same-sex marriage. As young as I am, I met one of my aunty who passed away in 1996 that was married to another woman.

Now, it shows the truth in the adage that "he who knows not where he is coming from, would SURELY not know where he is going".

Most Nigerians who are supporting homophobia do not really appear to be inept but need to put away  sentiments to argue objectively. Evidence abound that marriage is not for reproduction - Adam (in the Bible)  was not married to Eve; dont forget.

Reproduction or procreation or whatever you chose to call it is not a responsibility every creature must fulfill. This is why African societies are lagging behind because most of us see procreation as the highest achievement... awful!

What we Africans end up doing is pro-creating poverty. If the earth started with 2 people, then does it need 6billion people to survive?

In time, we shall get over all this folly and Nigeria will be a place where the respect of each individual is held high for proper freedom.

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