Tuesday, August 09, 2011

So Where Does London Riots Leave Martin Luther, Rosa Park, Obama & The Likes?

David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, London
Listening to the Black Specialists on various TV Channels across the UK whining about cause, I cant but feel appalled. However, one question: before the riot, where were they? And what practical thing can they show us they do to cater for their heroic Vandals? Well, like their shameless criminal heroes, they rely on their despicable evil to get fame.

All the successful black, white, asian or whatever race you want to call it, that i know have not or never engaged in such a low life... only such people as these hooligans and broad daylight thieves.

President Obama
Martin Luther King did not achieve change by looting... Rosa Park, did not, and the most current, the president of the United States of America, Mr. Obama  - although I do not quite agree with him - did not loot or vandalise to achieve excellence to where he now sits. A position that these lowly scums would tell you is not possible for them. Only because they have not tried, would never try and do not wish to.

So why do we not see these responsible role model... they made it through, regardless of all the statistics the Black Specialists and Race Propagandists are quoting. So why support this shameful and despicable act?

The situation in London is appalling. It has nothing to do with race; I am ashamed to think I share a racial identity with such people - both the Vandals and their Praise-Singers. They do not represent me and will never.

Those who reject themselves will be rejected. Respect, like charity, begins at home/within yourself.

I am a black man, I have never been stopped and searched by the police in the UK regardless of the statistics; WHY? And if it happens, I will respond to it in a responsible manner, defend myself and uphold my integrity, not by debasing myself.

You are who you prove to be. Excuses are not the catalyst for reaching the top; hard work, dedication, focus and a poignant sensible responsibility are.

Read the Obama story, read the Luther story, they even grew up in worse times.

Diana Abott the Labour MP too, David Lammy, Chuka Umunna, Keith Vaz, Baroness Warsi, Trevor McDonald, Peter Green, and many more responsible minority people; you can continue the endless list. These successful black men and women were either born in the UK or moved to it at different stages, yet the reached where they today are. Why cant they tell their stories and let us know if they stole their way out? I want answers.

Within the white communities, there are people like John Prescott, Alan Johnson, etc, who also came from poor backgrounds but reached their peak.Why cant we see what these are for what they are?

This is not a black or white issue, it is purely a criminal act and no right thinking person should support it. It is undeniable that there is social deprivation across but vandalism, especially destroying the hardwork of even ordinary people who just get by is a disregard and disrespect of the entire society.

The government must stop this vandalism and then look deeper on how things can be done differently to make sure that fairness and equity improves.

As an Igbo saying goes, "s/he who is rejected, does not reject him/herself."

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