Monday, August 08, 2011

London Riots is the outcome of failed Adults & Families, not Cuts

Shacklewell Lane, Dalston; Pic by Matt Wohlberg
The situation in London since Saturday 6th August and the increasing tension spreading across the entire city is absolutely appalling. To begin with, it is even unthinkable that people had weapons stored in their houses at the ready for trouble.

Yet, to watch the daylight robbery live on screen as shops, supermarkets, and all manner of stock places are looted is entirely shocking.

But what is even more disturbing are those idiots coming on the main news channels to [be given airtime to] tell us that criminals running amock in our city is acceptable because of austerity measure; this is ridiculous!
While the Coalition government cuts to public services may be bad and unhelpful, it is no reason or any excuse for anyone to loot and run shod over us as if we live in a siege. What madness?

I think the Police and the Home Secretary are [being too] slow. Wring these idiots and
crush them.
Parents are the key in this game. The government and whatever solution it can offer, no matter how invaluable, are secondary in bringing up a responsible set of adults.

Those blaming the cuts are being politically motivated and it would not be surprising that the tide might turn on them at next elections because every sensible ordinary person, including the family directly affected by the original issue of shooting has denounced this horrible act. As I am writing this, Labour MP, Heidi Alexander is on the phone to BBC News 24 linking this to Cuts, Tuition Fees, and all political point scoring; this makes me ashamed of the Labour party I support. Totally, totally off the rail.

The Labour government made enormous amount of investment building youth centres and all-what-not; in just a little over one year of newer ones not being built, someone is telling me that those investments has worn out; come on!!! Come off such joke.

These people are aliens, scums of the earth, criminals and in the words of Ken Livingstone while speaking to BBC24 News Channel, the criminals "dont believe they are part of our society".  But surely, I dont want them as part of the society I live in either.

The government must take a decisive step and curb this at the very root. The Home Secretary should not sound only tough but should act tough; go out with the police and CRUSH these hooligans. Send out the message that our society, our London, and UK as a whole cannot be run [aground] by irresponsible and conscienceless criminals.

I said this on Saturday night while it was only in Tottenham, yet two days down the line, these idiots are increasing their criminality and some foolish politicians and other Left-leaning dunces including The Guardian Newspaper are there yapping about cuts and youth centre and socially excluded.
Spare me the shit!

Social security or benefits does not end poverty. If anything, it nurtures it. If these idiots are poor as their unelected propagandists claim by blaming cuts, then they are not using their energy in what should end their poverty.

But the truth is that if they are acting like this as socially excluded, I’m afraid, they seem doomed to be eternally excluded. They can invest those energy into making their life better and go earn their living to be above poverty.

This city and country must not tolerate this an inch. Impose a curfew; arrest them and deal justly with them and give them the right punishment to deter this mayhem.

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