Sunday, August 28, 2011

As 'Rebels' Takes Over, Where Will Libya Be Tomorrow?

The ‘holier-than-thou’, super-power and manipulative West, through the UN, their legitimacy machinery and NATO, the bullying tool had succeeded in ousting Gadaffi. Mind you, Gaddaffi was not good and not something you would wish on any community, let alone a whole country; but again, the approach, like in the case of Saddam Hussein, to removing him is flawed.

It is flawed because the West has, once again propped up a bunch of hooligans, at least, that’s what they are for now. These gangs, who as truth goes in this destruction of Libya, were referred to as ‘Rebels’ throughout, are no angels in comparison to their predecessor. But hope that changes.

All along, it is clear that the West was manipulating situation
so as to be on the side of whoever is in government. By their calculation, the West knew that Gaddafi has reached his sell-by date. Libya under Gaddafi was too good for the West; a country with no debt, not begging them for funds, better healthcare, buoyant maternity, and all that.

Yet Gaddafi’s tyranny was unacceptable regardless of the effective government he ran. The freedom of any man should not be bought with material attention as above or effective and efficient government. As a ruler, Gaddafi owed it to the people of Libya to govern efficiently without usurping their rights of freedom of expression. This, is Gaddafi’s undoing.

The irony however is that the West watched and enjoyed his friendship due to the gains of it. Notwithstanding, that argument defeats the criticism that the same West, in the last 5 months tried to topple Gaddafi. What and where should the West find itself doing?

The so-called West should not engage in in bringing rebels to power in any country. That goes against the spirit of solutions to an already gang-ran country.

Like in Iraq, the removing of Saddam through an uncivilized manner lacked the appropriate objective and led to what today is a hopefully recovering Iraq. But would it ever recover?

The problem therefore is not the ignoring or toppling of tyrants, the problem is how we do either. Wisdom should teach us to support peaceful dialogue because war and any war mongers do not being solutions.
In fact, my fear at the moment is what we began to see in Libya already, the increasing violence, massacre and possible emergence of factions. But hope is not lost yet.

The West must be careful and tread cautiously in who it does business with and how it is done. Libya must not go from one wolf to another. Egypt, after the liberation is still rather not functioning hence the liberation is turning into madness.

Where will Libya be tomorrow?

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