Monday, August 29, 2011

Al-Megrahi Did Not Run After All; This Propaganda Failed

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As Libya’s rebel gangs take over Libya in the past week with the unequivocal help of NATO, the West’s propaganda machine via the media is churning into over-ride mode trying to discredit the famous ‘dog’, deposed Colonel Gaddafi.

It is however very funny that they feel it a necessity to discredit the man that has no credit more. What is the fear or suspicion?

In the rush to paint the devil completely and utterly black, it was reported that Abdelbaset Ali al-Iegrahi,  who the Scottish government released on license 2 years ago was said to have been
whisked away by the falling Gaddafi to an unknown heaven. All manner of inciting reasons were given for this. And UK amateur’s Deputy Prime Minister even took to the air to corroborate and sermonise on his desire to capture him. The Foreign Secretary confirmed that a deal has been done with the ‘new’ Libya.

However, the picture before us today counters all that. Al-Megrahi did not run after all. In fact, if anything, he is nearly dead. Why is the West hell-bent on discrediting Gaddafi and worsening the case against him which cannot get any worse?

Gaddafi committed a lot of crime, most of which are recorded and can be used against him. And while the West is buying and claiming a booty for the control of the yet agreed government of Libya, it seems, there are bumper result ahead.

As William Hague, UK Foreign Secretary hesitantly put it,  "I wouldn't take what has been written in the press today as the last word on the matter." That is the bravest he can be but may be doomed when the reality unfolds otherwise.

What would be worse is if the so-called rebels cannot get their act together to form a single, peaceful and proper democratic government to replace Gaddafi. So far, fillers coming from the new Libya indicates the opposite of those qualities.

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